Field fire flares up in Glenshire |

Field fire flares up in Glenshire

Hoards of fire crews turned out Saturday for a two-acre field fire just outside of Glenshire beside the Truckee River.

“The wind blows really bad through there, and there are a lot of homes not too far away,” said Todd Whalen, an engineer with the California Department of Fire. “They sent a lot of stuff right away to blast it down real quick.”

Two CDF engines, three United States Forestry Service engines, one USFS hand crew and water tender and several Truckee Fire District engines responded to the two-acre blaze at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon, Whalen said.

It took fire crews until 8 p.m. to completely fight the flames on the sage-covered, rocky hillside.

“A lot of the time, you’re going to have stuff that hides under rocks … that could lead to a rekindle,” Whalen said.

Fire crews stayed at the field all night to watch out for flare-ups. Each day since the fire, Whalen said crews have been combing every inch of the ground.

Although the fire is still under investigation, CDF officials have their guesses as to how the blaze started.

“There obviously wasn’t any lightning that day,” Whalen said, “and you know it’s not mice out there playing with matches.”