Find that peaceful, easy feelin’ at Tahoe Pilates Company |

Find that peaceful, easy feelin’ at Tahoe Pilates Company

Mimi Clyde
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KINGS BEACH, Calif. — As a movement junkie and a lover of constant change, I’ve spent nearly 30 years pursuing the newest and latest fitness and mind/body movement fads. I am my own guinea pig; my best research subject for what works, what doesn’t and why.

Hot yoga? Sure. Zumba? Ya, OK. Capoeira? Let’s give it a whirl. How about a bodybuilding competition? At 54? Bring it on. I’ve been a seeker of how to have the highest sense of wellbeing through mind body practices.

But one movement practice I’ve stayed with for the entire 30 years is Pilates. Why? It makes me feel great in every way. And what I mean by every way is on the inside as well as on the outside; you know, those more subtle ways you can’t really put your finger on, but you suddenly realize you are feeling better because you no longer want to choke that person who is really bugging you. Instead, find yourself taking a deep breath and spontaneously “letting go.”

It’s a pretty cool side effect of a regular Pilates practice; that peaceful, easy feelin,’ and the longer you practice, the list of positive side effects pile up. The benefits of Pilates run deep, so much so that you can think of Pilates as your wellness multi-tasker; breathing, meditation, alignment, deep strength and agility (think Bruce Lee) and precise control of you inner and outer self. That’s why no matter what else I’m engaged in at the moment — paddleboarding, hiking, biking — I’m forever relying on my Pilates practice as the foundation for my sense of wellbeing.

Joseph Pilates created his movement form as a path to reclaim our “zest for life,” and that’s the aim of our Peaceful Pilates classes at Tahoe Pilates Company. Vow to break that stress cycle and enjoy a zen moment on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9-10 a.m. at our Kings Beach studio.

Mimi Clyde is a Master Pilates Trainer at Tahoe Pilates Company in Kings Beach. Learn more at

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