Former Truckee Fire chief responds to grand jury report: ‘My decisions were based on the law’ |

Former Truckee Fire chief responds to grand jury report: ‘My decisions were based on the law’

Sun staff report
Sun File PhotoFormer Truckee Fire Chief Bryce Keller, in a 2008 photo.

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Former Truckee Fire Protection District Chief Bryce Keller submitted the following statement to the Sierra Sun late Monday, in response to multiple attempts by the Sierra Sun to seek comment regarding the recent Nevada County Grand Jury findings.

Below is his verbatim statement:

“In response to the recently released Nevada County Grand Jury report regarding Truckee Fire Protection District I offer the following:

I do not agree with the findings of the recently released report. It saddens me that the grand jury has relied on hearsay and rumors to develop their findings. It appears the intent of the grand jury report is to further the political purposes of several members of the Truckee elite.

I always worked well within my administrative and operational authority. There were provisions within my employment agreement that allowed me to enter into the agreements to facilitate basing emergency medical personnel in Olympic Valley; an area Truckee Fire Protection District had been serving since taking over the failing ambulance service from Tahoe Forest Hospital in 1987. The board president and other board members were aware of the operational decisions to provide continued and improved ambulance and emergency medical services to Olympic Valley.

The board president stated in an open meeting on May 4, 2010, “This is an operational change, which is clearly in the fire chief’s scope of work.”

It is unfortunate that some have now chosen to re-write history.

I never sold my soul to popularity or cowered to political or private sector bullies. My decisions were based on the law and principles of integrity. For that I am most proud!”