Four reasons to follow the four seasons |

Four reasons to follow the four seasons

The vernal or Spring equinox occurs March 20 at 4:44 a.m. PST, when the Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator. How will you celebrate the return of the Sun?

Spring arrives in a flux of expectancy. Our internal clock begins to push us a little faster as we feel the pull to get outside and soak in all of nature’s goodness. As the light returns we feel the need to “lighten” ourselves.

Throughout time people have learned being attuned to the seasonal flows of energy keeps one “in tune” with their body’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. To maximize springtime’s properties, start by giving the body a good cleanse, inside and out.

Begin a cleansing diet of fruits and vegetables. This will help remove debris that has accumulated over winter when we tend to eat heavier and fattier foods. Unclogging the internal “pipes” will send a wave of nurturing energy through your entire physical system. Soaking in a natural hot springs will help pull out the toxins. Breath in deeply of the fresh spring air on a daily basis to “enlighten” your emotional and mental self and add to the sweetness surrounding your life.

There are many good books on the benefits of detoxing the body, juicing and natural remedies for preventive health care at your local library or book store. Broaden your knowledge how to take care of yourself naturally. Sign up for a class and share knowledge with others interested in protecting their health. This will brighten your emotional outlook and mental state which will then benefit the entire community. A spring cleanse will refresh your spirit and clear your mind so it will be ready to pursue new knowledge, new beginnings.

As your body is refreshed balance your surroundings ” a major de-cluttering is in order. Look around your home and workspace, what is blocking your energy to move forward with new projects? Those items crammed into your closet and garage? Share your treasures with others who would value them as you once did. It’s uplifting. Especially clear the clutter from areas that support your finances and relationships.

The techniques of Feng Shui or Vatsu, ways of engineering our surroundings to take advantage of the flow of “chi” (life force) is one way of enhancing our living and working spaces. Deepen your understanding via the world wide web, the library or at the book store.

The “scent” of your surroundings is an important element for bringing relaxation and allowing yourself to feel at home in your body. Fill your home with the natural essence of citrus, lavender or sweetgrass. Aromas that will help purify the air and uplift your spirits. Open the windows to let the clear, cleansing fragrance of spring to flow through, especially after a storm. Sometimes we forget how precious the air we breathe is, and how we need to breath deeply daily.

Feeling tired and achy after the cold winter? Internal cleansing will help. Clear your emotional bodies ” release old emotions that hold you back from feeling unconditional love. Practice breathing deeply into your heart. With each outgoing breath let go of fear, anger, hurt, guilt and shame. Breathe in forgiveness. First forgive yourself for all the things you perceive you have done “wrong.” Allow yourself to feel “you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.” As the pain begins to subside move on to forgiving others you perceive have “wronged” you. These perceptions have many facets. Whether we allow these moments to teach us of the many opportunities we are given to understand our relationships with others or whether we hold on to the negative aspects that bring more drama and chaos into our lives is entirely up to us.

Choose wisely.-

Our spiritual natures look forward to a little spring cleaning too. Experience the feeling of gratitude for all you have been blessed with and share that gratitude with others in the community. Volunteer your time to someone in need or a project to benefit the community. This is just one small way to feed our souls. When you are out walking, hiking, biking grab that garbage someone has tossed into our beautiful living space. Take it to the proper receptacle and visualize people everywhere taking more responsibility for our future. Our thoughts have great power to change the way we react in our environment. We all need to bring to our consciousness the awareness that our life on this planet is so very fragile.

Now is the time to clean up our act internally and externally. Bringing our bodies and surroundings into alignment with the seasonal shifts will help us to feel more energized, healthy, focused. And add a sense of inner peace that will reflect outward to transform the world around us.- –

” Sharon Freewoman owns and operates The Rainbow Bridge at the Village in Squaw Valley. For upcoming classes and events go to or contact her at (530) 584-6100 or

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