Funny man Rex Meredith has a lot to say |

Funny man Rex Meredith has a lot to say

Tim Parsons,
Rex Meredith: the jokes are original and the hair is real.
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CRYSTAL BAY, Nev. andamp;#8212; Q: Have you performed at Tahoe before? Meredith: Yeah, I have worked in Tahoe. I was a woman. I was a topless dancer at the time. Itandamp;#8217;s a long story. Iandamp;#8217;m kidding. I have worked at Reno, but not Crystal Bay. I learned that Reno is an Indian word meaning Mayberry. Q: How would you describe your show? Meredith: Funny. I do standup. Talking impressions, singing impressions, very physical. Itandamp;#8217;s pretty high-energy. I donandamp;#8217;t take no prisoners. Q: Who are yourinfluences? Meredith: My comedy influences are George Carlin, Johnny Carson and Jonathan Winters. Those are the guys I was always fascinated with since I was very young. Q: Those are historic comedians. How has the craft changed over the years, or has it? Meredith: It has changed because people got hipper and smarter with the Internet. But touching your crowd and beginning, middle and a punchline are same that they always were, and that got lost for a long time, especially from the late andamp;#8216;90s up until three or four years ago. Thereandamp;#8217;s a bunch of young comics who are really good. I worked a crowd last week in the incredible metropolis of Winnemucca, Nevada. I saw fewer teeth than a prison dentist, and the average age was probably 26, 27, and we just had a great time. And the night before I had done a show and the average of that crowd was probably 60. So thatandamp;#8217;s kind of my thing andamp;#8212; have something for everybody. Q: You have to respect those who lose their teeth the old-fashioned way. Meredith: Yeah, when you think about it, 60, 70, 80 is not that old anymore. The Rolling Stones are 70. Their groupies have fallen and they canandamp;#8217;t get up. They used to be rockers and now theyandamp;#8217;re sitting in them. Q: Is it a rush when you make somebody laugh? Meredith: A rush is a Victoria Secretandamp;#8217;s model waiting off stage who just left you. No, itandamp;#8217;s a tremendous feeling, and you know youandamp;#8217;ve done your job. Thatandamp;#8217;s why youandamp;#8217;re here. Q: On the other side of the coin, have you ever bombed and heard crickets. Meredith: I havenandamp;#8217;t heard crickets but I have heard vegetables. Q: How long have you been doing this? Meredith: About three-and-a-half weeks. Q: Where do you live? Meredith: I have dual residences. Palm Springs and the East Bay, San Ramon. I love it. I go into San Francisco and take in the sights just like any tourist. It never gets old. Q: When I called earlier you were golfing. How is your golf game? Meredith: Can we talk about San Francisco again? Q: How do entertainers like yourself manage to keep their hair? Meredith: Fortunately there are surgical processes these days. Iandamp;#8217;ve had more color put in my hair than Baskin Robbinsandamp;#8217; flavors. Q: Thank you for your time, Rex. Meredith: Thank you for not making me tell my life story. Itandamp;#8217;s just ugly as (blank).

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