Gas station spill under investigation |

Gas station spill under investigation

Staff reports

A gasoline leak at a Truckee gas station has released an estimated 6,000 gallons of gas into the ground, according to the Nevada County Department of Environmental Health officials.

The county was notified on Sunday that the Super Stop gas station on 11015 Donner Pass Road had discovered a spill.

No surface discharge was observed, and underground migration of the gasoline was detected in an adjacent monitoring well.

The filling station operator secured his fuel tanks and notified multiple agencies.

“We’re still investigating the cause (of the spill),” Janet Mann, an environmental specialist with the county Environmental Health Department, said Wednesday.

“First there was a full tank and 24 hours later there wasn’t,” she said.

The immediate concern for clean-up is getting what gasoline can be recovered from the ground, and long-term environmental damage and treatment will be assessed later, she said.

“It is a pretty huge spill,” Mann said.

The underground tank will soon be removed and investigated to determine the cause of the leak.

While effects of the spill on groundwater supplies can’t be determined at this time, Mann said that there are no public wells in the immediate area of the spill that can be affected.

Agencies notified of the spill included Truckee Donner Public Utility District, the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, Truckee Sanitary District, Tahoe/Truckee Sanitary Agency and the Truckee Fire Department.