Glenshire Elementary School Letters to Santa |

Glenshire Elementary School Letters to Santa

Seth Lightcap/Sierra SunSanta Claus gets a little help reading his letters online from Sierra Sun web editor Paul Raymore.

Dear Santa,I am wondering how your reindeer are doing? I wish I could live at Disneyland with my family and Tinkerbell. May I please have a stuffed penguin for Christmas?Love, Carly Dear Santa,I am wondering if you are cold? I wish my family would stay healthy. May I please have a Nerf gun for Christmas?Love, ConnorDear Santa,I am wondering how you are doing at the North Pole? I wish I could see you for real. May I please have Spike the dinosaur?Love, DanielDear Santa,I am wondering how are your elves? I wish people would be respectful to the earth. May I please have a Nitro car?Love, DeaconDear Santa,I am wondering if I could see your reindeer? I wish my family will have a happy time for Christmas. May I please have a guitar for Christmas. Love, DeannaDear Santa,I am wondering how is it in the North Pole? I wish everyone was helpful. May I please have a A.T. Rex.Love, GunnarDear Santa, I am wondering if your reindeer talk? I wish no one was poor. May I please have a Bambi Webkin.Love, IsabellaDear Santa,I am wondering how many toys can you make? I wish my dad would feel better. May I please ha ve a bow and arrow with a suit of armor.Love, JacobDear Santa,I am wondering how cold is it at the North Pole?I wish people wouldnt litter. May I please have a Sonic Unleash the Game.Love, KeenanDear Santa,I am wondering what your Reindeer eat? I wish everyone picked up their trash. May I please have a Tek Decks.Love, KieganDear Santa,I am wondering how is the reindeer?I wish I would be with my dad. May I please have a cat.Love, KyleyDear Santa,I am wondering how do reindeer fly? I wish Sandtacould come early. May I please have a Wii, the game.Love, GavinDear Santa,I am wondering if you live in a palace? I wish for lots of cupcakes. May I please have a big black Jeep with tracks.Love, MathewDear Santa,I am wondering how your reindeer are doing? I wish there were more people to love. May I please have an Easy Bake Oven.Love, MomoDear Santa,I am wondering how cold it is at the North Pole? I wish the world was a better place. May I please have a big stick to make something with.Love, SusanDear Santa,I am wondering are there really elves in the North Pole? I wish in the North Pole Santa would be nice and warm. May I please have 3 snail things and one big box. In the box I want snail slippers and snail shoes and a snail dress with pictures of little snails.Love, SophieDear Santa,I am wondering how cold is it at the North Pole?I wish the world can be clean. May I please have a stuffed animal and Pokemon.Love, SterlingDear Santa,I am wondering if Rudolph will run the sleigh? I wish you would bingRudolph. May I please have a Tinkerbell Fairyland.Love, Taylor WilsonDear Santa,I was wondering if the North Pole is cold? May I please have more Bakugon, Pokemon, and a Wii.Love, Shane

Dear Santa,How are you? Please may I have a guitar with a guitar case and pixos. May you please bring my mom new jewelry? And my dad a new watch thank you.Love,Madison BettsDear Santa,How are you the reindeer and the elves? Please may I have two puppies for me, and 4 guppies for my mommy, and 6 cittens for my daddy please. Thank you.Sincerely,Simon BorlandDear Santa,How are you doing? Please may I have a Ipod. And I like all my presits and I like you! Can you bring a presits for my sitr and beuthr. Thank you!Love,Vinnie DelBarbaDear Santa,How are you? What are you going to do? Please may I have a puppy and a DS. My sistr wude wont a puppy. Thank you.From,Mario EstradaDear Santa,I wuder how the elvs are doing? I want a DS and kud I ples have a wii and a hokestick and I wud like a fone. I wud love a new snobord. I have been really gud. Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! And I rile wud rile wud like a new par uv shoos for my mom.Sincerely,Cole JohnsonDear Santa,How are you? How are the elves? Please may I have a DS? And please give something for my family thank you.Love,Abigail FronkDear Santa,How are you? Please may I have a liettles + Pet Shop toys and a DS for my DS. I want the game of the liettest Pet Shop. And for my mom a selfon to my mom.Love,Lorena FrutosDear Santa,How is Rudolph and you I wish you wood telme wut you are doing on the 20th? Is Rudolph doing something to? Ples ples give me a Xbox. Thanck you.Love,Zach PoulinDear Santa,How are you what are you going to be doing on the 20th? How are the elves? Please may I have a play stashin 2 and for my mom som now close. And for my sister a nores. And for my Dad a shrt.Sincerely,Cole HoffmanDear Santa,How are you. May I have a is another vido game and fonbook. So how is Mrs. Clause? And Rudolph. My mom would like mor books about Hallowen. I hop you have a good Christmas.Sincerely,Tatum HogarthDear Santa,How are you and Rudolph and Mrs Claus and elves? Can I please Have Two puppies? Ho Ho! Can you please bring Pixie a Bone?From,AnaKenzie HurtDear Santa HoHoHo,Please may I have a hamster that has clothes and has some toys? How are the elves? Are they doing good? Please may I have a psp and cud you bring my mom a jacit.Love,Tommi JepsenDear Santa,Ho Ho Ho! How is Rudolph Reindeers? How are the elves? How do you get around the world in one night? Could you please bring me a d.s or a p.s.p.? Will you bring my mom choclate?Thanks.From,Colby MoatsDear Santa,How are you doing? Could you please bring a diamond ring for my mom. Could you please bring me a cell phone. Thak youSincerely,Nick RaeDear Santa,How are you? Could you please bring me a real tele fon and a real piano. How are your Reindeer? How are you Santa? I hope you have a nice ChristmasLove,ZahiraDear Santa,How is Rudolph? Code you bring a present for my famly? May you please give me a game boy. Thank you.From,Connor VaughanDear Santa,How is Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer? Is he good like realy good? May I please have the game Smack doun vs Raw 2009 and a i Pod touch and a new guitar for my dad and a jacket for my mom. Thank you.From,Zack WiseDear Santa,How are you? What are you going to be doing in January? Can you bring me a wheelie-cycle and can you bring my mom and dad a new car thank you.Sincerely,Martin Karvonen

Dear Santa,I am wondering what Rudolph likes to eat? I wish all of the children get toys. May I please have a Sponge Bob video game?Talon NealDear Santa,I am wondering if the North Pole is nice. I wish thateveryone is good. May I please have stickers?Jenny PerezDear Santa,I am wondering why your elves are so little? I wish you could help people remember to not litter. May I please have a Transformer?Hunter KacarkaDear Santa,I am wondering if Rudolph is real? I wish my catwould go outside. May I please have a fur real friends animal?Sadie YoungfleshDear Santa,I am wondering do you really have a Rudolph? I wish people didnt smoke. May I please have Transformers animated?Kol HansonDear Santa,I am wondering how Rudolphs nose can glow? I wish that all children can be free. May I please have a hair salon set?Ava MilnerDear Santa,I am wondering how your reindeer fly? I wish you could make it snow. May I please have a Wii?Alan TesterDear Santa,I am wondering how your reindeer fly? I wish that all children are not naughty. May I please have Violet from The Incredibles?Colby OlsonDear Santa,I am wondering how are your reindeer? I wish you could help people to not litter. May I please have a baby My Little Pony?Emma HipplerDear Santa,I am wondering how bright is Rudolphs nose? I wish people would not kill animals. May I please have the best Christmas yet?Olivia ColburnDear Santa,I am wondering why do you live at the North Pole? I wish you could help people to remember not to litter. May I please have a bracelet?Jasmine PosadaDear Santa,I am wondering why is your beard white? I wish you would give presents to the children who are sick. May I please have a little wrestler with a blanket?Javanni SivaoDear Santa,I am wondering where did you get your reindeer? I wish you could feed all the hungry children in the world. May I please have my camo sweatshirt back that I lost at school?Preston ParrishDear Santa,I am wondering how cold is it at the North Pole? I wish you could help people remember not to litter. May I please have a video game?Eric SpillmanDear Santa,I am wondering how cold it is at the North Pole? I wish you could give food to the poor. May I please have a camera?Ashley ParisiDear Santa,I am wondering what are you talking about? I wish everyone would have water. May I please have a Play Station?Geordie SkaffDear Santa,I am wondering how does your sleigh fly? I wish you could feed the poor. May I please have a real tea set?Kaitlyn WaughDear Santa,I am wondering about the train to the North Pole. I wish everyone had money. May I please have a Nintendo DS?Sander BrunDear Santa,I am wondering what is Rudolph like? I wish you could give toys to the poor children. May I please have a ride on your sleigh?Elizabeth Mason

Dear Santa,How do your elves make toys? I have been good this year. Please can I have a pet geko for Christmas? Please can I have a cage and stuff for my pet gecko? I would like a pet mouse too.Your Friend,Spencer TrudeauDear Santa,I love Christmas. I love your friend Aukie. May I please have Pixos and may I please have a cupcake maker and a sewing machine. Thats all.Your Friend,Taylor BettsDear Santa,How are you doing? Please can I have a camera and a bunny kitchen for my bunny house for Christmas? Also some kids makeup and a make your own calendar kit and some scratch things. I think thats enough.Your Friend,Samantha OsborneDear Santa,How is Rudolf? Is he feeling good? Can I please have a Backugon for Christmas and some Batman comics? I have been good this year. Can I please have some arrowheads too?Your Friend,Nico YannettaDear Santa,I like you. May I please have a teddy bear for Christmas? Thank you!Your Friend,Laura FrutosQuerido Santa Clos,Como estas? Donde vives? Por favor me das una bicicleta para navidad?Con carino,Emilly DiazDear Santa,Hi Santa I was wondering if you are well and I am also wondering if Mrs. Claus is feeling better. I have been a super good girl this year and I love you. May I please have a veterinary kit and for my brother a tape measure and bike gloves.Your Friend,Emmeline ThomsenDear Santa,How are you? May I please have a Batman Table to play on and make my mess. My brother Carlos wants a light-up hat for Christmas. We have been good boys.Your Friend, Cristian GalarzaDear Santa,I want please a sharp hand robot and my brother wants a cat. Santa Clause. I have been a VERY GOOD Boy and my brother too. Where is the North Pole cause I want to go there. See you later.Your Friend,Beck WilsonDear Santa,Hi I am Max. How is Rudolf doing with his flying? How do your reindeer fly? Santa may I have an idog and a Tranformer Video game?Your Friend,Max GordonDear Santa,Santa do you want different cookies for Christmas? How are you and Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer? May I please have another Wii Controller? Thank you for the presents.Your Friend,Martin GomezDear Santa,Hi Santa I watched a movie and you bumped into three little ducks because your tummy was so big you could not see them. I have been a good girl. May I please have Caiu books and movies? Even though I am a girl I want a monster truck.Your Friend,McKenna OConnorDear Santa,I have been a really good girl this year. How have you been? I want to know how the reindeer learn to fly. May I please have a toy dog that is soft and white that wears a collar and grows medium? Have a nice day.Your Friend,Ella CliffordDear Santa,Hi Santa would you like cookies under the tree? I have been good at kindergarten. May I please have a Nintendo DS? Have fun flying.Your Friend,Jairo CadenaDear Santa,How are you today? I like Rudolf and the other reindeers. I want to ask you if Mrs. Clause is feeling good. I want a little bit of toys please. I would like Bakugans and a silly bone.Your Friend,Gabriel JacksonDear Santa,How are you? How are the reindeer? May I please have a red robot for Christmas and I want a red Spiderman that takes off his mask.Your Friend,Alan CardenasDear Santa,How are your reindeer doing? I like Rudolf the most pretty please get me a little crystal for Christmas. Please get me a unicorn too. Actually, I want a box of magic to put on my stuffed animals so they can come to life.Your Friend,Amelia MullenDear Santa,How are you and Rudolf? May I please have a Baby Alive Doll for Christmas?Your Friend,Stephany Alonso

Dear Santa,What I would like for Christmas are books, a puppy, and a snowboard. But would I would like the most is my brother to be my friend!Love,EllaDear Santa,This year for Christmas I want a 30 plasma screen t.v. and one more Webkinz pleeease Santa, pleeeease.Love,HayliDear Santa,How can you make all of the toys in time? How big is your bag? Can you give the world education to read, write, and do math? And also give food and clean water to the people of earth? What do you do after Christmas? Can I have a good camera and a book called KenKen? Have a Merry Christmas . Please write back!Love,AndrewDear Santa,How are you? How are your reindeer? For Christmas I want a Wii and a D.S. How do reindeer fly? Do you really have elves, cause if you do I want to know if theyre small or big?From,HannahDear Santa,For Christmas I would like the movie Narnia, Prince Caspian, a Wii, D.S. games, a Wall.E the video game, Wall.e the movie, Spiderwick books (not 1,2 and 3 though), earrings. I wish that my big brother, Raven, and my big sister could have Christmas with us. And I want some bubble gum, and icebreakers. I want my mom to get a Starbucks card, my dad some skiis and Sophie the movie Alvin and the Chimpmunks.From,Miap.s. Tell your elves I said, Hi.Dear Santa,I want my family to have the best Christmas ever! W was wondering howmany bells you have?Sincerely,Your friend,PhoenixDear Santa and Mrs. Claus,Do you and your elves and wife celebrate Christmas too? I also have been sneaky, this year I have to tell the truth. If you think ive been good enough then this is what I want: an ipod, a laptop, a cell phone, enough money to go to Sage Ridge, to talk to Shellby, nothing else except a great report card.Sincerely,Carlyp.s. have a great Christmas and Ive been good and bad.Dear Santa,I hope you and Mrs. Claus hand the elves are having fun. Do you know what I want for Christmas? I would like an ipod and a knew bike. I would also like new ingredients for my easy bake oven. That is all I really want.Merry Christmas!Sincerely,OliviaDear Santa,I hope you have a great Christmas. I promise Ill give you milk and cookies. If you think Ive been good enough, and if my mom lets me, I would want a new football, a Koala Webkinz, and a stuffed turtle. Well, gotta go. Bye!From,Michaelp.s. Ive been very good this year, ask mom.Dear Santa,I want a BIG water bed and whats your favorite cookie so I can get you it.Love,TysonDear Santa,This year may I please have an Apple itouch and Queen Sized, the movie. I have a few questions for you. First, is are you magical? (because no one else can fly around the world in one night,). Second, how many elves are in your workshop? Last, did you get chosen because Saint Nickolaus or did you become Saint Nickolaus? Thank you for giving kids presents!Love,Taylorp.s. Do you know God? Also, p.s. can I have a personalized Webkinz snowman please? Thank you!Dear St. Nic,Would you please get me a MP4 player and the NYJ Team Logo, Batman the Harley Quinn Hammer Truck and the Joker Van?Love,Nicp.s. On the MP4 Player can the color be gold?Dear Santa,Hows it going making toys? Christmas is coming around the corner. Please have good luck on getting around the world. Say hello to the elves for me. Peace with my brother and I. Merry Christmas Santa!Sincerely,SarahDear Santa,I want one thing… a soccerball. Have you ever had a sunburn? And one more thing, where did you get your reindeer?Love,KristianDear Santa,This year a want a monkey, a waterbed and the best Christmas ever, not much!Love,TonyDear Santa,Do you like flying? Do you have a cat? How are the reindeer? Do you make the toys and do you go through the door or the chimney?Sincerely,GabeDear Santa,I want a PSP for Christmas and the game Lego Batman for the PSP. Do you replace your reindeer?Love,AlonsoDear Santa,Can you give me a Wii for Christmas? Did you ever snowboard because I have a snowboard does Mrs. Claus snowboard too?From,Garrett

Dear Santa Claus,Does rodofs nose gloe o the time? Santa, can you git me chrismas pants? How are you, Santu?Love, Alyssa BousquetDear Santa,Hi. How is Mrs. Claus? I wont a puppy and intadoDS. I wot a labtop, a baby aliv, ipobm iDog. My siser wil lic a Drem Ceger.Love, Aubrey ButterworthDear Santa,Do you like kukis? Hawed us yor reder flae? I wot Lidlst pitshop.Love, Brisa CadenaDear Santa,Does Roodof rely have a red nose? This yere I wont moon sand. My sistr woode wont the clae culrd bars who can stic and sqush. Thuck you. Love, Carolyn PrestowitzDear Santa,Hi. Haw do your Elvus mace presses? I wut a pupese for crismis. My beruder, Liam Prior wuch a orange jacit.Love, Chantal PriorDear Santa,Do you liik cucis? I want a Hat Wils box or hotwils. Give Abrham a binisor. A lamap for my Mom.Love, Diego GonzalezDeer Santa,How do you go don the chimese? I sot sum pokem krs. Merry cristmas.Love, Griffin PughDear Santa,How do you go to all the houses in one night? Ca I get a robot that do my homework and a marshmellow shooter? My brother would like an Aquaman costoom.Love, Gunnar McCormickDear Santa,Are you magike or do you go downt he chemaney? On Christmas I want backugone battlebran. Do you have roodofe the red nose randear?Love, Gus MacielDear Santa, Wut dus your rendere et? I wut a tehbal and a snomobil and a pupy omashin and a globe. And a roc polshr.Luev, Jesse MeyerDear Santa,Where is you hrose? Ples bring me a ganeboy. I am a good boy.Love, Kevin RodriguezDear Saetca,How mene rendrs do you hav?2. I wot a a BilaBom shrt.And I wot a d.c. shrt.And wut do you wot for crimiis? I will get you sthing if you wor sthing.Love, Lucas KraatzDear Santa,Hi. Dues Rodof guide the slea on Christmes? I wat a laptop for Cristmes. Giev My Mom and DaD a prasit for Cristmew too.Love, Mason CutlerDear Santa,Hello. Hwo mene cuces do you et in wun nit? I wot a pupe for Christmas. Marry Xmas. Love, Owen SlusherDear Santa,How are you Santa? Are you doing oday? I want for Christmas anuthr umoricen gri ldol.Love, Riley CornetteDear Santa,Can you giv my a intendoDS for crismos ples. Is rnder owes red? I like you rinder pecos it has a rid nos.Love, Saray GarciaDear Santa,How do raedr fliing? I want lego starwrz. Merry Christmus.Love, Than StoupDear Santa,Why do you do gown a chimne? I wont w iPod. Why do you liv in the norch pole?Love, Tilden WooletDear Santa,Do you love me?This year I want a sckaetbord.My sister is doing good. Can you give her sume presincins too?Love, Vanessa KosterDear Santa,Do you have lots of wrc? I wont an intnedoDS. I love you anb thangckyou for the presisis beckus I like towys.Love, Zach parker

Dear Santa, How do you get to every house in one night? Thank you for bringing me presents. I am hoping for a microphone with Moraccan handles. And, 2 drums. One for me and Matt.Love,Lauren TannerDear Santa,Do you get the presents and toys in stores? I like your toys that you buy. I hope for horses that are stuffed animals this Christmas.Thank you,Lilah AbarnoDear Santa,How can your reindeer fly? Why do you fly Santa? Can I please have a BB gun Santa? Thank you for my motorcycle and skateboard.Love,Thor CallaghanDear Santa,Why are you magic? Where do the reindeer go after Christmas? Santa can I please have a hot wheel car that drives on the wall? I liked the Nascar sleeping bag you brought me last year.Love,Logan PaxtonDear Santa,Why dont you burn in the fire when you come down the fireplace? How do birds fly with their wings? I am asking for an umbrella this year because I have never had a umbrella before. I like you Santa.Love,Cora BentyDear Santa,Please give me a bank lego set for 6 year olds. How do you get around the world so fast with those reindeers? I wish you lived in another place than the North Pole. So, it wouldnt be so hard to live in Iceland. Love,Trevor LynnDear Santa,Where do you live? Santa, I Love you. Are you a coach? How do you fly so fast? Do you have powers? Youre GREAT! I hope for Iron Hide this Christmas.Love,Cole MetlenkoDear Santa,How do your elves make toys for good boys and girls? Where do you go on vacation? Whats your favorite kind of cookie? Please will you bring me a Batman set. Thank you for my monster truck set that you gave meLast Christmas.Love,Zachary MoatsDear Santa,How do your reindeer fly? Why doesnt Mrs. Claus come with you on Christmas Eve? Do the reindeer go down the chimney or do they stay up on the roof? Please can I have some new clothes?Love,Micaela GrahamDear Santa, How do the elves make all those toys? Where do you get all the batteries? Please can I have a horse toy with one of those sticks? Thank you for the pirate book.Love, Hannan KriegDear Santa,I would really like a horse for Christmas. And, I like seeing you on Christmas. And, I hope you have a happy Christmas.Love,Reaghan MooreDear Santa,How does your reindeer fly? I like Rudolph. How did he get a glowing nose? Is it really magic how the reindeer fly? Do you have magic, Santa, or not? I really want a picture frame to put all my friends in for my teacher, Mrs. Woodard. I hope for presents for my friends and my teacher. Rainbow crayons and colored paper. I LOVE YOU, SANTA!Love,Jasmine Wood Dear Santa,I was wondering how do your reindeer fly? I hope you can bring a toy to all my friends and to Mrs. Woodard.Parker would like a toy truck and I would like a babydoll. Thank you Santa. We like kites, too.Love,Paige PalmerDear Santa,Its my birthday! Thank you for all the presents you bring me and my brother. I love Santa!Love,Alise DavisDear Santa,Why do you wear a red suit and a buckle? And, why do you have a sleigh? I hope you will bring A We Fit? I love Santa and presents.Love,Logan Pensottii Dear Santa,I am thankful for you that you Have Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I actually saw Rudolph when I went to the North Pole. Please may I have a learning computer.Love,Kristina RyanDear Santa,Please may I have a car that drives on the roof. How do you make your toys? How do your reindeer fly? I have had a dream about you. It was a happy dream.Love,Tristen CooleyDear Santa,Please give me a transformer. Where do you live in the North Pole? Where do you make the toys? Why doesthe elves make toys?Love,Kyle LeeDear Santa,How does your sleigh fly? Im hoping for a bat that Is a remote control.Love,Bennett SwigardDear Santa,Thank you for bringing me those Lincoln Logs last year. Santa, I will be at my dads house in Santa Rosa and in Truckee with my mom.Love,Nikolas Brandt

Dear Santa, I really want to see you. In case I dont, Ill write this letter. I love you Santa. I want to meet your Elves. I want a little doggie that can say your name and swim and walk. Its a robot dog that has fur all over it. I saw it on TV. Thank you Santa. Love, Neve ReinkensDear Santa,I wonder if your reindeers really fly. I want a Web Slinger for Christmas. I would bring it to school for sharing. I also want this type of car that goes under tables and things. Do you know what I mean? Thank you Santa. Love, Bryce LusterDear Santa,I wonder how you get everywhere in one night. This year Im going to try to see you. Im going to wake up in the middle of the night and peek for you. I hope I get some Bakugans for Christmas, probably 8 of them, some big and some little. I really want to get them because they are so cool. Thank you Santa. Love, Adam LobergDear Santa, I like you and you are very, very special. Thank you for giving us all the presents. Santa, I want a pony that grows. It needs a special powder to make it big. And I also want some magic powder to make it real. Love, Maile ArizaDear Santa,I wonder how you get around everywhere in one night. And I want 15 big Bakugans. And I want a Bionical. You put it together like, Legos you know what it is. And I want the movie Clone Wars. Thank you very much Santa.Love, Trevor StockholmDear Santa,I love you Santa, Why do you live in the North Pole? Do you like chocolate chip cookies? I wish you could bring me Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name. Love, Jordan WhitlowDear Santa, I really want to get a WebKins, the computer game. Do you make the computer games too? Do you know the Simpson game? I want to have the first game, too. My mom already has the other list of what I want. Love, Logan PruskiDear Santa,I wonder how you make all the presents? Do you like chocolate chip cookies? I am going to leave some cookies for you. They are going to be homemade cookies; my mom knows how to make them. I will help her. For Christmas, I want a pink cat that has a little bag I could put it in. I saw it at a store in Reno. I also want a Bakugan. Thank you Santa.Love, Parker Dalton Dear Santa,What are your Elves names? Can I have a stuffed Chiwawa for Christmas? I saw it on TV. You can play with it and walk around with it and do everything with it. I also wish you could bring me a fake cell phone. And I want the Hanna Montana doll, the one that sings. I love you Santa. Thank you so much for all the presents. Love, Hanna HarrisDear Santa,I wonder if your Elves ears are pointed? What color hair do the Elves have. Do you have 20 Elves, I think thats how many you have. I want that chiwawa, the one like Hanna wants. I saw it on TV too. And I want the black cheetah purse that I saw at Tree House. My mom wouldnt buy it for me. I can put the chiwawa in it. I also want a bunch of fake lizards. Love, Jessica SambrailoDear Santa,I like the presents that you make. This year I want real make-up; lipstick and nail polish. When I went to Reno with my sister, I saw a pink dress at Dillards that I want for Christmas. I already have a Barbie Doll, but I want some clothes for her, like dresses and bathing suits. I like you Santa, and Rudolph. Love, Bella EvansDear Santa, What I want for Christmas is a Lightning Queen Race Track. I saw the movie; it is really good and long. I have Hot Wheel cars that I can use for it. Also I want a Trap, a car trap, it traps the car on the track. I can use it with the Lightning Queen. And I wish I could have a Monster Truck with a remote control. Thank you Santa for giving me toys on Christmas. Love, Marc Van GelderDear Santa,I wonder how your Elves make all the toys. And I wonder how the reindeer fly. Santa do you like sprinkled chocolate chip cookies? For Christmas I want Bakugans Dragonoid ones. I also want Pokemon cards. I also really like spy stuff, binoculars or things we can see through walls with. I want to spy on my cousin Lexi. Thank you for all the presents last year, and Ive been a really good boy this whole year. Love, Quincy WoodDear Santa,Ive been a really good boy all year. I hope I can get a Nintento DS for Christmas, with a Mario game on it and Star Wars and Clone Wars. I also want a X-Box game. I want it to have a Batman game on it. And thats it. I love you Santa.Love, Nicholas PartridgeDear Santa,How are you doing? For Christmas this year, I want a Rainbow Play Castle. I saw it on TV. I think I want a Bakugan too. My Mommy has the real list with lots of stuff on it for Christmas. Are your Elves busy making toys? Love, Hailey Warren Dear Santa,Can I have a remote control car that can go upside down on the roof? Its awesome!! I saw it on TV. I have 3 dart guns, but I also want the big one I saw on TV. Mommy said in the car that I have been a good boy. Thank you Santa. Love, Logan FriedrichsenDear Santa,How are you doing, Santa? I am fine. I want the Optimus Prime, the leader of the Auto Bots. And I want a Bumblebee car and stuffed animal, like a big bat. Happy Christmas Santa. Love, Ayden LutherDear Santa, How are your reindeers doing? I wonder how you get all the presents out in one day? For Christmas this year, I want a robot; its a Bumblebee that can transform. I also want a remote control racecar. Thank you Santa. The End. Love, Jameson HogarthDear Santa,How are your Elves Santa? Can I please have a dog that can say my name? Thank you Santa.Love, Whitney WingardDear Santa,Hi Santa, I wish for a Fairy Tinker Bell and Castle for Christmas, and an American Girl doll that I saw in the magazine. The skater one with the yellow hair. Thank you Santa. Love, Amy Van Gelder

Dear Santa,I wish for a toy kitchen. I am wondering how do your reindeer fly?Thank you, Santa.Love,ChloeDear Santa,I am wondering how you live in the North Pole? Is it far? I wish I had toys. May I please have some toys for Christmas?Love,BenDear Santa,I am wondering how old are the elves? I wish I could have a ride on your sleigh on Christmas Eve. May I please have a Nintendo DS?Love,HannahDear Santa,I am wondering what are your reindeers named? I wish that I could see Rudolph. May I please have a cool toy?Love,IsaacDear Santa,How old are you? How old are your elves? What do you eat for breakfast? What do you feed your reindeer? May I please have a toy cat that meows?Thank you Santa!Love, MeaganDear Santa,I wish for a swing set in my backyard. I want a tree house in my backyard, too. Can I get something for my mom? I want a book for my mom. I would likea shirt with candy canes on it. I would like a piggy bank and a ball like Isabellas. I wish for a make-up set, too. Could it have red lipstick, a purple and blue lipstick, and sparkle red lipstick? Ill see you at Christmas, Santa Claus.Love,EmilyDear Santa,I wish for a lot of wrestlers? How do you get into the chimney? Santa, how do you have magic? How do the reindeer fly?Love,JoseDear Santa,I wish for Star Wars toys. If I could be anybody, I would be Luke Skywalker. Santa, if I were you, Id move my house to the desert.Love,JacksonDear Santa,I wish for an X-Box 360 and then a DS and then a remote control jet and then Turtle Blast. I love you so much, Santa! I was also wondering how your reindeer fly. Do you have a magical whip that makes them fly?Then, I would like to ride on your sleigh, maybe on Christmas.Love,TuckerDear Santa,I am wondering if youre going to bring me a Nintendo DS? I wish you would wake me up when you come to my house. Love,BrendaDear Santa,I am wondering how are your elves? I wish for a Wii. I love you, Santa.Love,DylanDear Santa,I am wondering, how old are the elves? I wish I could ride on your sleigh. May I please have a Nintendo DS?Love,HaleyDear Santa,I wish for a bike thats silver and red and has brakes. I wonder how you fly so fast. I will be asleep when you come to my house.Love,BryceDear Santa,I like your clothes. How do you fly your deers? On Christmas I wish you can you please bring me a bicycle and a ball and some toys for my brothers and sister? Santa, how do you get to the chimney? How do you have the magic to fly?Love,IrvingDear Santa,Santa, youre nice. Santa, I wish you could get me some candy? Santa, I love you! Santa, could you please give me some presents? Santa, Im gonna be six years old after Christmas!Love, IsabellaDear Santa,Thank you for the presents you gave me last Christmas. How are you doing and how is Mrs. Claus doing? How much elves do you have? I bet you have 180! Will you please ring your jingle bells so I know you are here? Can I please have a Barbie Computer for Christmas?Love,MadisonDear Santa,I wish for a tree house. Can you build a tree house in my backyard? For my mom, I want a book so that she can have a book to read to me. Can I have some paint and a paintbrush so that I can paint? I have coloring stuff already. I wish for a VCR that works and a TV that has the Disney Channel and Animal Planet. And I want a toothbrush for my dad so that he can brush his teeth every night. And I wish for a Christmas tree and lights and candy canes and a light star so that I could put it on my Christmas tree, too. And thats it. I promise to be asleep when you come to my house because I never wake up when you come to my house. Dont be loud, please, because you will wake up my sister. Thank you for taking stuff to my house.Love,Trisha

Dear Santa, Thank you for being nice and kind to people and bringing them lots of presents. Im glad you can do that for all of us! I am really glad you are Santa Claus. I really want my very own cupcake maker. I super dooper want that!Love, Taya Matt2008Dear Santa, Thank you Santa for coming to California and giving lots of presents. Santa what is going on with your reindeer and your elves? I hope you give me Bokugan cards.Love, Zachary Bower2008Dear Santa,I am five years old now. How are your reindeer acting? Good or bad? I really want a cupcake maker and a cake maker and a Leapster and a baby with a bottle and a binky? I love you Santa!Love, Annsley Akers2008Dear Santa,How is Rudolph? Is he being good or bad? How are things going? For Christmas I really want a big Star Wars Walker and a Bokugan. Santa, I love you.Love, Timmy Reeve2008Dear Santa. Santa I gave you a picture last year, did you like it? I like the presents you make. Do you have some friends? Santa can you bring me a speed race roller coaster? Santa I will come talk to you and you are nice to give presents.Love, Jack Brown2008Dear Santa,How are the elves doing at the North Pole? Are they doing good? Santa, I love you because you give me presents every year. Can you bring me a chew toy for my dog Finn? I dont know what I want because I already have a lot of toys. I just want that toy for my dog because she doesnt have much.Love, Samantha Wood2008Dear Santa,How are you doing? What kind of toys are the elves making? I hope that your reindeer are doing fine. Can the girl reindeers fly? Can I have you bring a stuffed chocolate lab? I love you Santa!Love, Jenna Elliott2008Dear Santa,You gave me a dollhouse last year and I liked it! Are you doing great Santa? Santa maybe can you bring a little stuffed dog and a little kitten? I will leave you some cookies!Love, Summer Hatcher2008Dear Santa,Are you doing good? I love you Santa. I want an American Girl Doll for Christmas. Can you bring it?Love, Brooke Vaughan2008Dear Santa,Santa I am going to be a reindeer for Halloween. I love you so much for the presents you gave me. Can I have a light saver for Christmas? You are the best Santa!Love, Jackson Reynolds2008Dear Santa,Are you having a good time at the North Pole? Can you please give me spy stuff? You are very good about your job.Love, Cole McGeorge2008Dear Santa,How are you doing up there at the North Pole? Can you please give me a remote control snow mobile for Christmas that has skis on it and can go on the road? I love you Santa!Love, Wyatt Peek2008 Dear Santa,Are your reindeers getting ready to fly? What are you doing? Where are you right now? When will your sleigh fly? What toys are you going to give out? Can you bring me a little toy shark?Love, Connor Hoyt2008Dear Santa,How are your elves doing? How is Mrs. Claus? What are you going to give every single kid? Can you bring me a Pokemon DS? I love you Santa!Love, Evan Loring2008Dear Santa,Hi Santa! How are the reindeers? Is it okay if you can give me a baby doll? I love you Santa and I hope you come to my house. I will leave you milk and cookies!Love, Jessica Corrales2008Dear Santa,I am going to get a Christmas tree on Santa breakfast day. I would want to get lots of presents from you. My Daddy would like a flying airplane with remote control. Can I have a sticker machine? Mommy wants winter clothes. Ill see you on Christmas Eve!Love, Cayden Ramak2008Dear Santa,Is your sleigh full of presents? Is Rudolph ready? I am going to be an elf in our play. I want an idog that is furry and barks. Im gonna leave you cookies Santa.Love, Catie Mason2008Dear Santa,I love you Santa. You are the best because you bring toys. Are your elves making toys? Can you please bring me Jungle in the Pocket? Ill see you soon!Love, Savannah Villalba2008Dear Santa,Whats happening at the North Pole? Are you making toys? Santa can you please give me a Star Wars Lego? Thank you Santa! Love, Brandon Leitner2008

The Sierra Sun would like to extend a huge thank you to all the teachers who took the time to email the Santa letters from their classes!

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