Glenshire gets a new guardrail |

Glenshire gets a new guardrail

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

GLENSHIRE “-Nevada County Department of Public Works recently completed installation of 1,200 feet of guardrail to reduce the risk of “run off the road” traffic accidents on Glenshire.

“Guardrail installations have to be carefully studied,” said Doug Farrell, Director of Public Works, “as inappropriate installations can create as many accidents as they prevent.”

Farrell said the Glenshire Drive location had a history of accidents and steep embankments that justify such an installation.

“The county’s budget for providing roadway improvements can’t nearly match the demand. However, it is important that we provide for the safety and security of our residents. Projects such as the Glenshire Drive safety improvements demonstrate the County’s ability to quickly respond to key safety issues,” Supervisor Ted Owens said.

The project was constructed by Apex Fence Company of Anderson, California at a cost of $95,000.