Glenshire water negotiations begin |

Glenshire water negotiations begin

Erich Sommer, Sierra Sun

The Truckee Donner Public Utility District and Glenshire Mutual Water Company have begun negotiations for the transfer of the company’s water system to TDPUD control.

In May, Glenshire residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of consolidation with TDPUD.

A report commissioned by TDPUD to assess the state of the Glenshire water system was completed last month and accepted by the TDPUD board of directors.

The board then authorized TDPUD General Manager Peter Holzmeister to begin negotiations with Glenshire Mutual Water Company.

“The board accepted the report, and that’s significant because if we had seen anything (in the report) that wasn’t acceptable, we would have addressed it then,” said board member Ron Hemig. “The Glenshire system isn’t in as bad as shape as Donner Lake.”

Holzmeister was optimistic about the board’s acceptance of the report and the nature of the negotiations.

“The board accepting the report was pretty positive sign,” he said. “What we were looking for in the report was for anything that would have been a deal-killer.”

Holzmeister said he anticipated negotiations continuing into October. Would TDPUD have pursued acquisition of the water system if it was in the same condition as the Donner Lake water system?

“I think we would have, but it would have been under a different set of circumstances. And it would have been more expensive for people in Glenshire.”