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Go fish!

Lisbeth Johansen

Here is the ultimate good for you and healthy food. Cod is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and selenium, with a good amount of phosphorous and potassium. It is one of many fish dishes you will enjoy for the rest of your life; trust me. This is a traditionally Norwegian dish.

Cod fish whole, steaks or filets

Boiled potatoes, rice or pasta and carrots

Melted butter or a good olive oil

with chopped parsley or dill and lemon

Prepping time is 20 minutes

Serves 4

4 pieces of cod steaks or filets, fresh, frozen or thawed

1 to 2 liters water (4.25 to 8.50 cups)

as much as needed to cover the fish

3 Tbs. salt per liter of water

80 grams (about 2.75 to 3 oz, or 2/3 cup) of butter or olive oil

6 Tbs. chopped parsley or dill

Almost any vegetable can be used for this dish as long as it is mild in flavor

Boil the potatoes (Yukon preferably) and carrots in 1 tsp. salted water

Rinse the cod filet, steaks or a whole fish (halibut can also be used in the same matter)

In a separate pot:

Heat the water with the salt (dill or parsley can be added to the water) and bring to a boil. Use enough water to cover the fish, preferably a pot for poaching fish, as not to stack the fish on top of one another.

Add the fish, bring to a rapid boil once again; turn the heat down to low, simmer until the fish is white and flaky or until the meat separates from the bone. The cooking time would be approximately 10 minutes, except if it is a whole fish, it will take a few more minutes, depending on the size. It can be served as an everyday casual family dinner or as an elegant meal with your choice of good white wine, medium dry, or a good lager.

Melt the butter, or olive oil, or both, if you prefer and fold in the parsley or dill.

Add a few drops of lemon in the butter to make it taste extra fresh.

Net (enjoy)!

Vi sees (See you later)

” Lisbeth Johansen owns Dining In your home, a personal chef service. She may be reached at (530) 414-0139