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Good Reads: Passion for Chocolate

Barbara Perlman Whyman

I want to thank my dear friend chocolate, who has been my best friend (sometimes a she, sometimes a he), my companion for more than 25 years, and the source of much of my joy. As with people there are the good and the bad chocolates, the elegant and the vulgar, the honest and the cheats, and the jewels you keep as close to you as possible for the rest of you life. My best friend chocolate is always there for me, supporting me even when things go wrong. Whether you are a chocoholic or not, how can you not read on when you open a book and this is the first paragraph? So it is in the acknowledgments for The Chocolate Connoisseur: For Everyone with a Passion for Chocolate. Author Chloe Doutre-Roussel worked as a chocolate buyer at the internationally known Fortnum andamp; Mason in London as well as head of confectionery at Laduree in Paris. An agronomist by trade, she was employed by the United Nations before devoting herself to chocolate. And now she teaches the world about chocolate. Chloe loved chocolate as a child growing up in South America, and now devotes her working life to researching, tasting and sourcing the finest chocolate from all over the world. In The Chocolate Connoisseur, she reveals the secrets of what chocolate to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, and most importantly, how to overcome the idea that chocolate is an indulgence. She debunks the myths and explores the fascinating psychology of chocolate.In The Chocolate Connoisseur, you will: Learn how to tell the difference between good and bad chocolate Discover wonderful new brands to savor and enjoy Marry your favorite brands to your mood and time of day Learn to taste chocolate like a connoisseur Although Doutre-Roussel is not without critics who disagree with some of her approaches, conclusions or perceptions, she does have many fans. Charming and enthusiastic writing and I love how the book flows into and out of the information boxes so you don’t feel like youre jumping around but can read straight through, one of her readers exclaims. Im learning a lot (including that true connoisseurs always prefer a bar of plain chocolate fair enough: I guess I may just not be one). I can relate!More chocolate recommendations:Candyfreak: A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly of America by Steve AlmondChocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light by Mort RosenblumDeath by Chocolate: The Last Word on a Consuming Passion by Marcel DesauiniersMaida Heatters Book of Great Chocolate Desserts by Maida HeatterThe True Story of Chocolate by Sophie D. CoeChocolate: The Consuming Passion by Sandra Boynton.