Got an opinion? Share it with everyone |

Got an opinion? Share it with everyone

Paul Raymore is the web editor for the Sierra Sun.

You know how that cliche about opinions goes, “Everybody’s got one.”

And so it should be, I say.

Having an opinion is the first step toward getting involved; and getting involved ” be it in a cause dear to your heart, a neighborhood you live in or for a person you believe in ” is what makes our community great.

We are a diverse lot up here in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee. Folks run the gamut from rich to poor, liberal to conservative, snow lovers to summertime-only visitors. And that, inevitably, leads to some disagreements, misinformation and the need for compromise on many issues that affect us all.

Throw in the dual-state nature of the Tahoe Basin, the myriad governmental agencies regulating different facets of our lives, the fact that many communities in our region are located far from the county seats where decisions are made and you’ve got a situation ripe for miscommunication.

Which is where the Sierra Sun’s opinion page comes in. For over 100 years the Sun has been a forum for discussing the issues that were important to Truckee’s citizens; and since 2006, we have tried to play that role in North Lake Tahoe as well.

Do you want to share your thoughts on a candidate? How about a bond measure? Write a letter to the editor and I guarantee that people will be talking about it the next day.

But sometimes, one letter isn’t enough to get to the heart of an issue. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to carry on a conversation with your North Lake Tahoe and Truckee neighbors. And that’s where the Sierra Sun’s new Web site comes in.

If you haven’t already, log on to to see the new look and feel of the Web site, and be sure to check out the Opinion section while you’re there.

Not only will you find the letters to the editor, the My Turn columns, the editorials and regular columnists that you are used to seeing on the opinion pages of the Sun each week, but Web polls, group blogs on various subjects and personal blogs from our readers. And you can participate in all of the virtual conversations going on just by leaving a comment or starting a blog.

You will have to register with us in order to start commenting and using the new blogging tools available ” all we ask is for a valid e-mail address and a screen name of your choice. But the process is easy and takes no more than two minutes. And if you remember the e-mail address and password you used when the Sierra Sun’s Web site required registration just to read the stories (we apologize for that decision again), that same information should automatically work.

Just look for the “Become a Member” link in the upper right-hand corner of the site above the event calendar to sign up. Then, check out the “My Page” portion of the Web site (see the link above the event calendar) in which you can fill out a profile to let other readers know a little more about you (or don’t if you’d prefer to remain anonymous), upload photos and videos, start a personal blog, keep track of stories that are important to you and more.

Once you register, you can also leave comments on any of the stories, columns, letters to the editor and everything else you see on the Web site.

So embrace those opinions, and share them. Otherwise, what’s the point of having one?

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