Grading season ending; time to get construction sites winterized |

Grading season ending; time to get construction sites winterized

Sun news service

Wednesday marks the end of the regular grading season at Lake Tahoe, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has announced.

Moving or shoveling dirt is prohibited from Oct. 15 through April 30 to protect water quality, and all construction sites must be winterized by Wednesday. Active projects must have paved access in order to work past the deadline.

“As is the case in communities around the nation, the grading season at Lake Tahoe allows us to conduct business in an environmentally sensitive place within a time window wide enough to keep projects moving,” TRPA Community Liaison Jeff Cowen said in a statement. “Considering we just had the first snow of the season, we’re down to the wire for going into winter mode.”

Grading seasons are put in place to prevent sudden turns in the weather from washing loose soil through watersheds and affecting water quality, the agency said.

After Oct. 15, grading generally is only allowed for emergency projects or work involving water quality or public health and safety. Such circumstances must receive TRPA authorization before grading begins. Grading extension applications are available online at or at the TRPA offices in Stateline and Tahoe City.

Additional information about grading conditions also is posted on the TRPA Web site. For more details, contact Cowen at (775) 589-5278 or