Grasshopper Soup: Being bad is nothing new |

Grasshopper Soup: Being bad is nothing new

TRUCKEE/TAHOE, Calif. and#8212; Since when did it become news that politicians are human? When the politician was a governor who canand#8217;t wait to be an actor again? Wasnand#8217;t he always on stage? Is life an actor with no director, a science fiction movie full of characters with weird accents? Do you know? I sure donand#8217;t. All I can say is, I bet Arnold canand#8217;t wait to go back to his movie star salary. Heand#8217;s going to need it.

Acting is so much easier than a life of reality. In spite of the masquerade, or because of it, Arnold was bound to get his due no matter who found out.

I would bet my Grasshopper Soup secret recipe that the light of human thought shone brilliantly on and#8220;I should have never left Austriaand#8221; going across Conan the Barbarianand#8217;s mind at least once. If you can prove me wrong you will be just as empty handed as I am as far as secret recipes are concerned. Divine inspiration is not necessarily a secret, yet, I am at a loss to explain it in any case, least of all my own.

If Arnold had done the right thing, nothing would be wrong. If what he did was OK, then nobody is in charge, which is fine with me because Iand#8217;m writing this on May 20th. The world is going to end tomorrow anyway. My itinerary is anyoneand#8217;s guess. If you are reading this I hope itand#8217;s not because you were unqualified to participate in The Rapture.

Yes, we call it news. As if it never happened before. We make it a big deal, like we were laying outside looking for shapes in the clouds and saw that same old chicken again.

Iand#8217;d rather stop a fight than listen to, read about or watch the governorand#8217;s private life. Iand#8217;d rather live in the moment and#8212; mine, not the former governorand#8217;s wifeand#8217;s, and certainly not the moment when he thought his mistress never looked so good. Her photo is also in the news. Alcohol had to be involved, mixed with the desperate realization that all his money could not buy back his youth, but maybe she could. Or was that a movie?

The plot is nothing out of the ordinary, so why all the fuss? Everyone makes mistakes. Thatand#8217;s why it takes so long to get this love and trust thing figured out. But cheating never helps anyone, like the blind acceptance of anonymous lies posted on the Internet.

It is not easy to guess the password to oneand#8217;s own mind let alone someone elseand#8217;s. It takes hard work and mutual love. Love is nothing but a lone, hopeful sigh if it is not mutual.

Returning Israeland#8217;s borders to pre-1967 status will not result in mutual love.

I am suddenly reminded of the lyrics of a song, and#8220;One hundred years from this time, will anybody change their mind, and find out one thing or two about life?and#8221; The reminder temporarily saved me from presuming I have anything further to add on the inexplicable topic of what one or two of those things might be, if not love and trust.

As a group, human kind (and I use that term loosely) learns little. I have never met a news reporter, politician, critic or righteous revolutionary (a generic, meaningless term meant to include suicide bombers) who has ever been able to prevent history from happening, or their enemies from going on with their lives, but controlling history is worth a try. We all attempt it, for what is life without personal ambition?

Making big news of Schwarzeneggerand#8217;s personal life is, in some way, for whoever talks about it, profitable! For me, it comes to about half a tank of gas.

Behind closed doors the hope of and#8220;big oiland#8221; may be that we are all comfortable with ten bucks a gallon by, oh, letand#8217;s say, the end of 2015? If that is the case, my carand#8217;s for sale.

When the price of a government mandated light bulb hits fifty dollars, Iand#8217;ll be living in my car, and that wonand#8217;t be anything new either.

Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, former college instructor and ski instructor. He has a B.A. and an M.A.T. from Gonzaga University. He has lived at Lake Tahoe for 28 years.

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