Grasshopper soup: Should we laugh or cry? |

Grasshopper soup: Should we laugh or cry?

TRUCKEE/TAHOE, Calif. and#8212; Good news! Elections are only a few more sleazy political TV ads away. If only that meant the end of personal political attacks too. OK, maybe there is no good news, except that political infighting hasnand#8217;t come to stabbings on the Senate floor. Not yet anyway.

The choice is clear. If we are to believe all these candidates when they say, and#8220;Hi, My name is Snow White, and I approve this ad,and#8221; then we shouldnand#8217;t vote for any of them, because the ads all claim the other candidate is the wicked witch and that none of them have any qualifications whatsoever to hold political office.

So, here we are, in front of the one way, see-through glass mirror, looking at our future leaders in the lineup, trying to decide which of the usual suspects is the fairest of them all.

Political ads are edited with such selective deceit and trickery you canand#8217;t tell if they cut the truth and pasted the lies or pasted the slander and cut the ethics.

I am rapidly losing interest in politics. All most politicians do is claim they can make everything right for everybody, which is why everything is not right for everybody, because politicians are trying to make it so. If Mother Nature had intended for everything to be perfect for everybody, she wouldnand#8217;t have invented reality, which is what most of us are afraid of. Often times, all we can do is put a band aid on it.

Forgive me for not accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative today.

Thereand#8217;s nothing more exciting in life than a real good close call, like the helicopters that nearly crashed in Emerald Bay, apparently due to humans goofing off and having a good time. Where is all the protest over humans goofing off and having a good time with their power boats on the revered waters of Lake Tahoe every day in Spring, Summer and Fall? I guess oil and gas leaks are OK if they happen slowly, drop by drop, over a long period of time. At least the addition of more boat ramps, buoys and piers on Lake Tahoe was stopped by the court, for now. Good laws and politics can work, but often only temporarily. Eventually some other politician, lawyer, special interest group or judge will come along and remove the band aid and re-open the floodgates of Manifest Destiny, which has all but cost us our soul, and then some. Hopefully it wonand#8217;t cost us Lake Tahoe.

The and#8220;Keep Lake Tahoe Blueand#8221; bumper sticker has been around for a long time. It has been formally and informally modified to promote a variety of causes, all of which contribute to the spreading of the original message. That is why it was so sad to hear that one of the latest versions of the sticker, and#8220;Keep Tahoe Fit,and#8221; had become the focus of a lawsuit. Just what the world needs, more conflict. Local versus local. Our own version of the Hatfields and McCoys. There was a great column on the subject in the paper recently that went out of its way to very diplomatically point out that the lawsuit was petty and frivolous.

There are better things to do with our precious time here on earth than to bury our neighbor in paper work and legal fees and drag them into court for something so ridiculous. Why make life more difficult over a harmless bumper sticker? Life is too short for such childish things. Having the right to do something, like sue over a copyright infringement, does not mean it is the right thing to do. I am sure I am preaching to the choir, but this old story has lingered on my mind and, like the drunk in the choir, I thought it was worth blurting out again.

If you liked Grasshopper Soup today, pass it on to at least 12 friends, or politicians, and have them do the same. Spread the pathos. If youand#8217;re not sure if you should laugh or cry about some of the things going on, then you are paying attention.

Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, ski instructor and commercial driver. He’s lived at Lake Tahoe for 27 years.

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