Grasshopper Soup: Ski resort wanted, with snow |

Grasshopper Soup: Ski resort wanted, with snow

TAHOE/TRUCKEE and#8212; Deer Santa, Hi. My name is Tyler. I am almost seven next year. For Christmas I want my own ski rusort with mountns and snow. We went to won and got there in the dark but did not no it was snowing like that. We stopped every time the winsheld wipers didnand#8217;t work. Cars were all over, mostly on the road. We got late becuz some cars drive like my dad. He said the snow was stupid and the idiots were coming. He took us and I wanted to stay home and watch telavisyun, but I liked it more. Can you make me a big one? Put in it a tram with little cars that come off. And with flags that tell you where to go. And a climbing wall. Not a wall that climbs but you climb. I thought the wall climbed but was glad you did. Isnand#8217;t that funny? My favorite part was falling! Woo!

There was a big black wheel thing stuck in the snow. We hide by it for snowball fights. We made a snow fort and climbed the wheel and jumped on it. I want a ski reesort like that one. They move the tables so you can ski on the padeo and sidewalk, and even in the street if you want.

My dad brot me a ski instructer. His name was easy to forget. He said he was the best and his boots buckls were loose. He was good. He didnand#8217;t fall but he shur tried. He had a uniform so we could cut in line and get in the good line. There was hundreds of little kids, but not like me he said. My teacher and his goguls on backward so I had to help him. He did a trick with his ski poles. He stuck one in the snow and balanced one on top and spinned it. He said it stayed up becuz there was no gravity and it was a good trick. All the ski teachers did it but not like mine. He told me I had to carry my own skis and the best way. The wrong way was easier. He showed me how to make pizza and french fries.

Mom and dad forgot me so he made me stay with his boss girl and he went to ski or eat or someplace with a girl. We threw snowballs at them and it was OK.

There was toobing at the resort too that took forever. I wanted it to be longer but my mom forgot my sisters gloves and dad forgot the camera so we had to hury. We never went toobing that day but it was sure fun.

My brother snowborded. His feet hurt and his bord went so fast down and then up the hill so fast at the same time he did not no what hit him and slam down. His head went the farthest.

We had to take a bus to one lift and another one but we didnand#8217;t see to many busses. My mom said too bad there was not anuf busses so we just got wet. The flags were all gone becuz the wind was blowing like, you know. We got on the wrong thing and had to come down all the way to the top. The bus was right there this time, but it was full. My cousin skied over and was there when we got there. We had dinner together but had to go to different places before we were too hungry.

We herd coyotees all night. It was scary but not really. It was really crowded and in our room too but we knew them.

We went home but we didnand#8217;t stay in the car all the way. If I had my own ski resort I could stay there. It would be easy but we would let everybody come to because you have to, right? And they can pay us money to. But we would have all the fun.

My dad says not everybody likes Cristmas and want us not to have it. Can you believe that? Can you get grinches to love Christmas? I love you so I can have my own ski rusort for Christmas? Mom says it would be OK. Merry Christmas to you too. Love Tyler.

P.S. donand#8217;t forget the snow.

Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, former college instructor and ski instructor. He has a B.A. and an M.A.T. from Gonzaga University. He has lived at Lake Tahoe for 28 years.

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