Grasshopper Soup: Thank God for human error |

Grasshopper Soup: Thank God for human error

Were you stymied by the awkward title of last weekand#8217;s Grasshopper Soup? You should have been. Did you figure out what it was supposed to say? If so, you are very perceptive.

I almost hate to bring it up because it was my mistake, and I certainly donand#8217;t want to embarrass anyone else by calling attention to more lack of attention. This oneand#8217;s on me.

No one should feel bad about a little mistake here and there. Thereand#8217;s enough on our minds as it is in this crazy world today, so mistakes are understandable. Thereand#8217;s the Gulf oil leak to worry about, Obamaand#8217;s golf attire, the price of salmon and whatever Oprah thinks is important, and jobs, spending cuts, wars and Rolling Stone magazine interviews.

What an unfortunate experience that had to be for General McChrystal. And how sad for America if his criticisms were accurate or had some truth to them. Now we know what happens when you exercise free speech in America. You get fired by the leader of the free world. Why didnand#8217;t Obama just have a beer with the general?

When we are punished for speaking freely, then there is no such thing as free speech.

Being able to take criticism well, and learn and grow from it, even if it is public and offends us personally, is a sign of rare strength. Our harshest critics may actually have our best interests at heart. Rather than firing them, it may be wiser to promote them. Throughout history, critics of those in power have been severely punished, even executed, only to have been proven right when itand#8217;s too late. The Bible sums it up eloquently in the Book of Proverbs. It says and#8220;He who hates rebuke is stupid.and#8221;

I was embarrassed at first when I saw that my mistake in last weekand#8217;s column made it past the editors, especially after learning that they did find an allegedly inappropriate phrase which was hilarious, but was edited out and shall remain censored and unknown. The free press reserves the right to abridge itself, no matter what the First Amendment says.

The headline for last weeks soup was supposed to be and#8220;Winter, Summer Fun and Gamesand#8221;, but, because the and#8216;Fand#8217; and and#8216;Gand#8217; keys on the keyboard are right next to each other, it accidentally became Gun and Games, which doesnand#8217;t sound like a good combination.

There was no mention of guns in the entire column, but no one noticed. I canand#8217;t blame the copy editors. Itand#8217;s not like theyand#8217;ve never seen anything out of the ordinary in my column before. Grasshopper Soup was never intended to be ordinary.

If you didnand#8217;t notice, chalk it up to having more important things on your mind, like what is this world coming to, and is there anything anybody can do about it anyway?

But if the quirky headline got you to read Grasshopper Soup then the error was not in vain. And it already resulted in an easy 661 words for this week, and itand#8217;s still last week!

I waited and#8217;till the last minute to write last weekand#8217;s column. Now I am way ahead of schedule, so I have a good excuse to goof off the next six days. Isnand#8217;t Tahoe Time wonderful?

As they like to say at the White House, never pass up an opportunity to capitalize on a good crisis, or, in this case, an insignificant little typo.

And itand#8217;s refreshing to know Obama reads Rolling Stone magazine. I know, the government reads everything, except Grasshopper Soup. See, nobodyand#8217;s perfect.

Thank God for human error. Itand#8217;s one of the things that gives sinners, beggars, the indigent and our critics the right to claim equality with anyone of any stature in society. Itand#8217;s an American and Judeo-Christian principle far superior to anything else; a truth that, no matter how hard we try, we canand#8217;t afford to forget. To do so would be the biggest mistake of all.

Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, ski instructor and commercial driver. He’s lived at Lake Tahoe for 27 years.

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