Health in balance: Alternative healing business opens in Truckee |

Health in balance: Alternative healing business opens in Truckee

Scott HessJimmy Dong, part owner of M.A.I.R.U. Vitaliry Zone LLC, works with a patient.

With balance comes health. This is a fundamental teaching of M.A.I.R.U. Vitality Zone LLC, a new alternative healing business in Truckee.

When the mind, breath and body are synchronized, a person will be fit, said Jimmy Dong, part owner and chief instructor of the center.

Dong is teaching an ancient Chinese alternative healing and exercise method called Chi Kung. The methods focus on detoxification, improving the immune system, focus and clarity healing, increasing energy and numerous others.

Chi Kung has been a healing technique for thousands of years, and is commonly used in hospitals in China. Chi means energy or breath, and Kung is skill.

“Energy is basically unlimited and universal. It’s infinite,” Dong said. “Everything is energy.”

Energy flow hindered in the body is what causes pain. When a person is not centered or balanced, energy dissipates faster than it can gather, he said. The goal of Chi Kung is to make energy flow more efficiently, using breathing, exercises, herbal therapy, massage and reflexology, among others.

“In reality, there are many people ready for healing-and total healing. And that’s not what our (mainstream health) system is offering,” he said. Doctors tend to treat symptoms, when systems are only part of a person’s medical condition.

Chi Kung focuses on all of the factors that can contribute to illness. External influences are weather and pathogens in food or water. Mental, emotional, physic and spiritual causes are internal. When a person finds the “root cause” of the pain, the healing can begin, Dong said.

He teaches techniques like moving meditation, breath meditation and internal communication. People need to move beyond thinking and begin to communicate with themselves before they can find the true source of their pain, he said.

“The thinking part is what usually distorts people,” Dong said. “It’s the usefulness of information that’s more essential. I want to encourage the person to look for their own truth.”

Dong believes everything can be healed, but it is up to the individual.

“I don’t fix anybody; they fix themselves,” he said. “It’s just getting to the right question, then reprogramming the information. Once the information is truthful, then instant healing happens.”

Dong and his partner, Jason Wilkinson, built the center together. They are both general contractors by trade. Dong taught martial arts for 35 years, but decided to put his efforts into a healing practice, rather than a fighting art.

“I don’t want to build armies and warriors all my life,” he said. “That’s why I switched. I see this as the ultimate self defense-perfect health.”

Dong believes business is part of the movement of this type of medicine to becoming mainstream.

“To me, this is the healing method of the future,” Dong said. “I see [the Truckee] area as a Mecca. People are looking for alternative methods of healing.”

M.A.I.R.U. Vitality Zone’s grand opening is July 20, and it will include a band and open house. The business is located at 138 Meadow Way.

For more information call 550-0400.

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