Help Wanted…at the polls |

Help Wanted…at the polls

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

Nevada County is looking for poll workers to keep Truckee elections running smoothly Nov. 7.

The Town of Truckee will need 55 poll workers on election day, and Nevada County officials hope to have an additional 15 to 20 people available in the event of emergencies. Poll workers will work from before 7 a.m. to after 8 p.m., and receive a stipend of $80 to $100.

“We are barely meeting our quota, but it would be nice if we had 15 to 20 folks who could pinch hit if somebody else gets sick or has an emergency,” said Nevada County Clerk Kathleen Smith, whose office is in Nevada City.

Smith attributed the lower numbers to all the elections and special elections that California has held in the last few years, leading the regular volunteers to be “burned out.”

Poll workers will be responsible for issuing ballots, answering questions, and checking voters in, she said, and will work from 6:15 a.m. to after 8 p.m. with no shifts because of “chain of custody” and security of the ballots.

“They will do everything to make sure the voters can vote,” Smith said. “Elections cannot be conducted without poll workers. They are the backbone of the success of an election.”

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Each location will have a minimum of three volunteers, an inspector who has past experience, and at least two judges, Smith said.

Inspectors will be paid $100, and judges will be paid $80, she said.

People interested in serving on election day need stamina, a positive attitude, be courteous and be sensitive to special needs, Smith said.

D’rcy Lou Calhoun, a Truckee resident, has volunteered as a poll worker for about 14 years, and is volunteering this year, she said.

“I’m a senior citizen, I believe in our form of government and I support it,” Calhoun said.

She said the hours are long, so poll workers should come prepared.

“Be sure to take nourishing food, comfortable clothes, a smile and a good attitude ” and don’t answer political questions,” Calhoun said.

There will be training a week before the election for poll workers, which will last from three and a half to four hours, as well as a manual, Smith said.

55 poll workers needed

7 a.m. to after 8 p.m.

$80 to $100 stipend

To become a poll worker, go to, or call 470-2740