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Hilltop master plan passed by Truckee council

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

Truckee Town Council members approved the Hilltop Master Plan on a 4-0 vote Thursday night.

Proposed for 57 acres near the Cottonwood Restaurant overlooking downtown, the project could include more than 52,000 square feet of commercial space, 60 lodging rooms and just under 300 residential units.

“The master plan is comprised of multiple projects and each will come in one by one and be analyzed for environmental impacts and water impacts,” said Mayor Barbara Green. “I had been more hesitant but I’m more comfortable knowing there will be more evaluation down the line.”

Assistant Town Planner Jaime LaChance said council went with staff recommendations on the Brockway Road four lane issue, on the Ponderosa Palisades roads intersection, water, and setback issues and agreed to a Lahontan Water Quality Control Board request to coordinate on wetland issues.

That meant taking a strong stance against four lanes on Brockway Road, and adding an alternative, emergency access-only option for the intersection of Ponderosa Road and Palisades Road, Green said.

“We wanted to be sure we don’t do anything to impact the wetlands,” Green said. “We decided to do further analysis, include Lahontan, and pay special attention to whatever modifications to the development we need to make.”

Green said the deliberation was thorough, lasting over three hours before council finally came to a decision.

LaChance said public comment was also fairly extensive, although it was limited to the specific topics brought up at the last town council meeting.