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Hirschdale mine meeting canceled

Sun staff reports

A meeting set to discuss mining truck traffic in the Hirschdale community was canceled Wednesday when one or more residents brought a law firm into the picture.

Originally scheduled for 6 p.m. on Wednesday at Truckee Town Hall, Nevada County Supervisor Ted Owens had organized the meeting with Teichert Aggregates, which leases the Boca Quarry, and Hirschdale residents to discuss the volume of truck traffic going through the community to access the mine.

The issue arose during an end-of-construction-season rush when up to 400 trucks per day passed through Hirschdale.

Owens canceled the meeting on the advice of county counsel in order to “preserve my neutrality and impartiality should this matter ever come before the Board of Supervisors.”

The meeting was intended to be an informal dialogue to consider possible improvements that would benefit Hirschdale residents and Teichert, Owens said. But concerns about litigation turned the process into “hardball,” he said, rather than enter into a give-and-take about improving neighborhood issues.

The meeting would have included information on alternative access to the mine, permit issues, limitations on hours of operation and enforcement of idling laws that would prevent trucks from lining up through Hirschdale.

Owens said county staff will conduct future meetings on the issue in Truckee, and if and when the county planning commission hears the issue, that meeting will also be held in Truckee, Owens said.