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Home-selling tips: It sure can be tempting to ‘give it a rest’

Lisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine
Special to the Sun-Bonanza
In real estate, it's important for everyone to be on the same page during the home-selling process.
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As good as the Northern Nevada Market has been this year, there are properties that have not sold. Properties don’t sell for a variety of reasons, from price to the nature of the property.

When a Market is surging and yours doesn’t sell you have to ask yourself why not. Did you price it forward and fall in love with the price you aspired to get? Is it unrealistic for today’s Market? What else might be wrong?

When properties don’t sell Sellers might start thinking of change. Even though they priced it high to start with, Sellers sometimes take it out on the Agent not remembering the admonition to pay attention and be ready to reduce it if it doesn’t sell within a reasonable period of time.

Changing Agents won’t fix an overpriced listing, but it can serve as a shift-of-blame reasoning tool which they can use to make themselves feel better. The property remains unsold. If your Agent is doing all the right things it isn’t the Agent’s fault your property remains unsold.

Another common Seller change mechanism is to “give it a rest.” This is a valid course of action in the right circumstance. To take it off the market simply to affect a change, however, is a random choice, a gambler’s move.

It may or may not be the right thing to do, but you’ll never know if you aren’t on the open market for sale. If you have reasoning, i.e. seasonal condition of the property, types of Buyers and when they take action, etc., then this can be a very good option to consider.

The Northern Nevada Market has sales year ‘round. While there are times when there are more lookers than others, property is sold every month of the year.

Sometimes people want to take their property off the market during the Holiday season, but it is important to remember that many people come to the area to vacation or visit family.

It is not uncommon to show and sell property during the Holidays. Has something changed in your motivation since you listed the property? Maybe you would rather have quiet family time for the Holidays than to maintain your home in show ready condition.

If your circumstances have changed be sure to tell your Agent. You may now be in a position to carry paper which could be the catalyst you are looking for to get an offer generated. If you can now move quickly instead of needing a long escrow you might appeal to more Buyers.

Instead of living in the clutter, are you ready to pack up and get ready to move? It is a lot easier to sell your home if a Buyer can see the walls when they are looking at it. Changes in you should be discussed with your Agent and acted on.

Our Advice: Talk to your Agent about the Market, your property, your concerns and how you might move forward. Things change over time. If you have been on the market for a long time what has changed in your situation that could impact a sale? It is amazing how often the simple mention of a change can alter the entire marketing of a property.

Talk to your Agent. If giving it a rest is the best thing, make that decision together and take it off the market. Establish parameters, or a time frame, for bringing the property back on the market. When those are met resume marketing with renewed vigor.

Sometimes a good meeting of the minds refreshes everybody’s approach on a property and you can have renewed vigor without a rest. Whichever way works best for you, make a plan and work it.

Resting a property can have interesting consequences, especially with land where you don’t always know if it is being shown.

If people are looking at it unbeknownst to you or your Agent, they’ll call when it goes off the market to see if they can still buy it. Ironically, by shutting things down you can actually generate a sale.

Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, CDPE, SFR, work for RE/MAX Realty Affiliates in the Carson Valley. Visit carsonvalleyland.com or call 775-781-5472 for information.

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