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‘I cant believe I ate all that’

Greyson HowardSierra Sun
Greyson Howard/Sierra sunMailhot shows off his bottomless, bomb-proof stomach.

SQUAW VALLEY USA Local extreme eater Ryan Mailhot won the annual Mamasake sushi eating contest once again Monday, out eating the field of roughly 15 other sushi lovers vying for the championship.I feel real full, Mailhot said. I just ate 20 hand rolls.Mailhot missed last years competition, and said he felt the needed to redeem himself.I came hungry, Mailhot said. I cant believe I ate all that.His Personal Trainer Tommy Wiry said he feeds Mailhot soup split pea soup and cheesy potato soup by the pound.Ive seen him eat five pounds of meat in one sitting! Wiry said.Second place finisher Chance Stanton said the key to his success was zoning out and setting a steady pace.I just put a punk rock song in my head, Stanton said.Third place eater Kyle Georgeson didnt exactly train for the event he said he didnt even know it was happening until he got to Squaw.I thought I was going to bow out after two rounds, but I got to 18, Georgeson said, adding, I didnt puke I dont like to puke. Im going to walk it off and chill, maybe try and have a beer.Patrick McHenry, who took first in the wasabi eating contest, said he came hungry to the competition as well.I didnt eat breakfast, McHenry said. Today I was just drinking beer and working on my hacky sack moves its true.