Incline bear trapped at pastry shop |

Incline bear trapped at pastry shop

Jen Schmidt
Sun News Service

Jen Schmidt/Sun News ServiceA black bear looks out from the trap Thursday set near Ernie's Bakery in Incline Village.

A bear trapped in a cage Thursday morning outside Ernie’s Bakery, a local business plagued by bears all year long, shows exactly how he feels about being caught.

Bakery owner Ernie Feld, who lives above his business, heard noises Thursday morning as the intruder ripped the doors off of the outdoor shed that houses the bakery’s refrigerator. “I was upstairs at six o’clock and I heard the bear. It made much noise I couldn’t sleep!” said Feld.

After several unsuccessful tries to catch the thief over the past few days, Feld said he finally baited his trap with strudel and, sure enough, the bear came.

“They like sweets,” said Feld. “When the sheriff came this morning he said to me, ‘Ernie, don’t make the strudel so good! That’s why they come in all year round!'”