Jeep Terrain Park Challenge slides through Sugar Bowl |

Jeep Terrain Park Challenge slides through Sugar Bowl

Provided to the Sun
Provided to the SunLouis Norris, 8, took third in the Grommet division of the Jeep Terrain Park Challenge at Sugar Bowl on Sunday.

The Jeep Terrain Park Challenge featured more than 40 skiers and snowboarders from ages 6 to mom status competing at Sugar Bowl on Sunday.

The focus of the event was to teach skiers and boarders of all levels how to ride the terrain park safely while learning new tricks and building confidence.

Sugar Bowl instructors Doug Fagel, Troy Abrahmson and Dimitri Dimakides spent a few hours going over the four rules of smart style, proper takeoff and landing, how to fall safely and how to accomplish the next trick. After the safety clinic a jam session was held for skiers and riders to show off what they had learned.

Prizes were awarded to top three boys, top two girls, first-time mom (in the terrain park), top five grommets and most improved.

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1. Quin Puncolet

(ski, age 7)

2. Albert Hobbs

(ski, age 10)

3. Louis Norris

(ski, age 8)

4. Jordy Guldman

(ski, age 6)

5. Ian Shea

(snowboard, age 8)


1. Conner Bennit

(Ski Age 15)

2.Parker Kalan

(Boarder Age 16)

3. Alex Fulton

(Age 14)


1. Molly Lafanowicz

(age 14)

2. Flower Power

(age unknown)

First-time mom

1. Teresa Little

(snowboard, age 43)

Most Improved

1. Kevin Desmole

(ski, age 13)