Join Women Empowering Women in Truckee for Chinese medicine event |

Join Women Empowering Women in Truckee for Chinese medicine event

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Chinese medicine is system of health maintenance with a focus on “dis-ease” prevention first and then treatment, if necessary.

The idea is to keep oneself in an optimum state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being so that illness cannot take hold, and then to “expel,” or correct it as soon as possible.

It requires a state of self awareness, and subtle connection with your body, mind and spirit so you know when things start to get out of balance, you may make gentle corrections with food, herbs, self-massage and acupuncture and meditation.

Born from meditations of early Daoists, it is a way of living in health, rather our modern way of charging forward ignoring or “sucking up” minor discomforts that later become major health problems. Learn about the Chinese view of staying aware and connected with nature and your environment, and learn some self-health tips for staying healthy in every season.

Carla McClure is a local practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. Carla began her discovery of Asian healing arts in college after sustaining an injury for which the western sports doctors told her she would “just have to suffer the pain.” Instead, she found a chiropractor who used muscle balancing and acupressure and was pain free in two months.

While training with the U.S. development team for rowing, Carla saw many injured athletes suffering injuries and was inspired to learn the soft tissue work that had helped her. She signed up for an Applied Kinesiology/Touch for Health class at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley and was introduced to the principles of Chinese medicine, which opened a whole new world of understanding health.

She later expanded her natural healing knowledge of western herbs and supplements under the apprenticeship of two holistic medical doctors, who also practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Carla graduated with Master’s in TCM and a specialty in Five Element emotional balancing technique. She is currently a doctoral fellow specializing in women’s health and gynecology.

Carla is credentialed to practice acupuncture at Tahoe Forest Hospital.

Women Empowering Women is dedicated to providing motivational speakers who address different aspects of achieving balance and harmony through the mind, body and spirit. For more information e-mail

Seating in For Goodness Sake is limited — reservations are highly recommended. E mail nttwom by June 22 to reserve your space.

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