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Judge rules to reduce charter school injunction

Staff reports

A judge ruled that the next crossroads for Prosser Creek Charter School will be bumped up to Aug. 19, shortening the school’s temporary restraining order against the school district by one week.

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District asked Placer County Superior Court Judge Frances Kearney to shorten the charter school’s 20-day restraining order and injunction Wednesday.

The school district argued it would like a decision to be made about the charter school’s future as quickly as possible.

Charter school officials say there is a conflict with the district, and they want to begin the dispute resolution process outlined in their charter before any decision is made on revocation. They say the Charter Schools Act requires charter schools to include a dispute resolution process in charter petitions in order to prevent oversight districts from revoking a charter when there is a disagreement.

Last month the district sent Prosser Creek a “notice to cure or face revocation,” which accuses the school of poor financial management and refusing to sign a memorandum of understanding. Until the restraining order was in place, the district was supposed to decide if the Prosser Creek had cured the alleged violations on Aug. 7.

The matter will appear in court on Aug. 19, when the judge will either tell the two parties to begin the conflict resolution process or allow the school board to decide if Prosser Creek will open its doors on the first day of school, Sept. 2.