Kidnapping story was a lie |

Kidnapping story was a lie

David Bunker
Sierra Sun

A woman who reported she was kidnapped from her work in Sacramento and dropped off in Truckee admitted the entire story was a lie, Truckee police said.

Amanda Crooker, 24, from Citrus Heights near Sacramento, was arrested on suspicion of falsely reporting a crime, police said. She had reported the kidnapping early Thursday.

“We have interviewed the victim in this crime and she has admitted that the whole incident was false,” said Truckee police Lt. Dan Johnston.

Officers picked up Crooker at the intersection of Deerfield Drive and Coldstream Road, near the Chevron station, after she used the gas station phone to call police. Her car was later located across the street near the Holiday Inn and towed as evidence.

Crooker said she was forced into the back seat of a 1996 green Chrysler Cirrus at her workplace after a man confronted her, and driven around for six hours before being left in Truckee.

Truckee Police Chief Scott Berry said investigators tracked down evidence that showed Crooker was lying.

“Good work by the officers found a video of her car going through McDonalds, with the victim driving, approximately two hours to her reporting the offense at Coldstream,” Berry said.

Police discovered Crooker was actually on a trip that her parents disapproved of, and concocted the story to explain why she had left home.

Crooker was cited for lying to police and released.