Kings Beach farmers market will relocate to nearby spot |

Kings Beach farmers market will relocate to nearby spot

Julie Brown
Sierra Sun

The Kings Beach farmer’s market is moving down the street to a new lakefront home this summer.

The North Tahoe Public Utility District’s board of directors voted to host the summer fruit and vegetable event at the Kings Beach State Recreation Area, moving the market from its former location at the Coon Street parking lot.

Farmers will be setting up their stands on the lakeside sidewalk and a portion of the parking lot in front of the North Tahoe Conference Center.

The district and the market’s co-sponsor, the North Tahoe Business Association, hope the move from its former obscure location will boost the market’s visibility and vitality.

“Basically, we feel that this is almost a last effort to truly make our Kings Beach market successful and grow it,” said Executive Director Cheri Sprenger of the North Tahoe Business Association.

Last year was likely the Kings Beach market’s most challenging year, Sprenger said.

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“Last year was definitely the smallest market we’ve seen in Kings Beach,” she said. “And it definitely shrunk throughout the season.”

Not only was the Coon Street lot shady and hidden, but conflicts arose between the market-goers and vendors and boats attempting to launch into the lake, said Kathy Long, the district’s Park and Facilities Manager.

“Last year, actually, we had a request to move [the farmer’s market], and that didn’t happen,” Long said. “This year, again, we had a request from the committee of the North Tahoe Business Association, with a specific site recommendation from them.”

Board Director Frank Mooney acknowledged the move would be beneficial to the market, but questioned its potential impact on parking revenues.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s a better location,” Mooney said. “However, I think the impact on our parking … I see it as a pretty big cost to us.”

District staff noted that Tuesday mornings, the day of the farmer’s market, are one of the parking lot’s least crowded days. The North Tahoe Business Association suggested a discounted-parking card that market-goers could purchase.

“I think this is what everyone wants, a fun outdoorsy thing to do in the summer,” said Director Sue Daniels. “This will be a venture of good will … I think it will benefit us in the end.”