Lake Tahoe local advances at Ki Gong clinic |

Lake Tahoe local advances at Ki Gong clinic

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Rusty Heckert, left, with Rolf Godon.
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TRUCKEE, Calif. — Rusty Heckert, long-time Kings Beach resident and multi-year student of Ki Gong, was awarded advancement to Level II, practitioner and beginning instructor, at the annual international Ki Gong clinic recently held at Granlibaken.

The advancement represents several years of regular practice, knowledge of Ki Gong theory and the ability to teach basic Ki Gong sequences.

She has been practicing under the tutelage of Rolf Godon Ph.D., Level IV instructor, in Truckee.

Ki (Chi, Qi) Gong is an ancient practice originating some 4,000 years ago in China. It developed in three aspects; Medical Ki Gong, a practice to enhance health and well-being, illness prevention and healing; Spiritual Ki Gong, a more meditatively focused form practiced in secrecy (until recently) in temples and monasteries; and Martial Arts Ki Gong, a fighting form with focus on directing energy to overcome an opponent.

Over the years, Ki Gong had influences from India as well as other places. The popular derivative, Tai chi, branched off from Ki Gong somewhere in its history.

Ki (Chi, Qi) means energy, and Gong means work or practice. Thus, the practice is one of building energy in the body, mind, spirit and directing the energy within oneself for healing, spiritual growth and enhanced movement. The energy can also be directed toward the healing of others.

The practice is based on the idea of the body as an energy system. Energy must be free to flow through the energy channels throughout the body and any blocks in the energy meridians must be removed or they create disease. The mind directs and moves the energy.

The practice of Ki Gong is comprised of sequences of very slow movements coordinated with deep breathing. These sequences tend to be gentle in nature and can be done regardless of physical conditions or issues. They can also be accomplished while sitting if necessary.

The immediate result of a session (about one hour) is a feeling of being relaxed and energized. The more long-term results from continued practice include a stronger immune system, lower levels of stress, a lighter attitude toward life as it unfolds and overall better health in all aspects.

Two classes are available in Truckee — Tuesdays, 9 a.m., at the Truckee Recreation Center, and Thursdays, 10 a.m. at the Senior Services dinning commons near the rodeo grounds.

Feel free to contact Godon for information at 530-587-2557 or

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