Lake Tahoe planning agency extends maximum buoy distance |

Lake Tahoe planning agency extends maximum buoy distance

Staff Reports

LAKE TAHOE and#8212; In an effort to maximize navigational safety and aid enforcement, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has extended the maximum distance of a single-use buoy to 600 feet from high water.

A new rule unanimously adopted by the Governing Board at its December meeting will replace the former uniform 350 foot maximum distance where single use buoys may be anchored in Lake Tahoe lakeward of high water with a maximum placement limit tailored to location-specific circumstances.

The new buoy line establishes a maximum distance for the placement of single use buoys at 6,213 feet lake bottom elevation, but not landward of 350 feet from high water, or farther lakeward than 600 feet from high water. Buoys moored at this distance must be located so that moored watercraft cannot drift further than 600 feet lakeward of high water.

The ordinance allows for one mapped exception near Tahoe City where the maximum lakeward placement may extend up to 1,000 feet between two legally existing piers that extend lakeward beyond 1,000 feet.