Land trust moves to ensure public access at Nevada County’s Lindsey Lakes |

Land trust moves to ensure public access at Nevada County’s Lindsey Lakes

Matthew Pera

Bear Yuba Land Trust this month secured 857 acres of land in Nevada County’s Grouse Ridge area as a conservation easement, permanently protecting the parcel from any future development.

The land, near Lindsey Lakes, is owned by PG&E and is used to generate hydroelectric power. PG&E also maintains an extensive system of trails and campsites in the area popular among hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders.

Bear Yuba Land Trust is now able to ensure that the land in the long term is publicly accessible and available for outdoor recreation, according to Erin Tarr, the organization’s director of land stewardship.

The land trust is also focused on protecting headwaters in the area to maintain a healthy watershed, Tarr said.

PG&E in 2003 agreed to permanently protect public benefits on land surrounding its hydroelectric power facilities as part of a bankruptcy settlement. According to Tarr, Bear Yuba Land Trust has been working for years to secure an easement in the Lindsey Lakes area in conjunction with that agreement.

The Lindsey Lakes area is located north of Lake Spaulding, which is near where Highway 20 meets Interstate 80 east of Nevada City.


Securing the land at Lindsey Lakes increased the total easement area Bear Yuba Land Trust protects by nearly 10 percent. The organization now has 9,200 acres of land through easements on 28 properties.

The organization also maintains more than 30 miles of local trails and owns property in Nevada County.

The land trust plans to continue working with PG&E to develop easements and hopes to increase its total protection area to 20,000 acres by 2020, according to a news release.