Lashbrook top candidate for town manager |

Lashbrook top candidate for town manager

David Bunker
Sierra Sun
Photo by Josh Miller/Sierra SunTony Lashbrook

A field of 72 applicants for Truckee’s top executive position has been narrowed to one ” Truckee’s Community Development Director Tony Lashbrook.

Lashbrook, who has managed the planning, building, animal control and code enforcement departments since Truckee’s incorporation, is now negotiating a town manager contract that will be presented to the town council for their consideration on May 19, said retiring Town Manager Steve Wright.

Lashbrook was Mariposa County planning director before coming to work in Truckee.

The town council narrowed a field of six applicants to three last Friday. Tuesday, after interviewing all three applicants, they selected Lashbrook as their top choice.

With 11 years as Truckee’s community development director under his belt, Lashbrook’s intimate knowledge of town affairs should allow for a smooth transition.

“The fact that I have been in Truckee since day one of the town, having that experience behind me, lets me step into this job with a real running start,” said Lashbrook.

While Lashbrook said he sees redevelopment projects like the railyard development and the Truckee River corridor plan as some of the looming challenges of the job, a more immediate issue will face him when he assumes the position of town manager. He will have to find a replacement for himself.

Truckee’s town manager is responsible to the town council for all town matters. The manager oversees town staff and is as the director of the redevelopment agency.

Wright has served Truckee’s first and only permanent town manager.