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Letter of the Editor: Vote Ferrera, York, Valentine for Rec and Park district

I live, work and play in Truckee and utilize the skate park most of all. The skate park is great, one of my favorites in the area. This being said Iandamp;#8217;d love to be able to use it more.In the early spring and fall, itandamp;#8217;s discouraging that by the time I get out of work (5:00ish) that Iandamp;#8217;ll only have a small amount of time to enjoy the skate park before it gets dark.The closer it gets to winter, the less light us skaters have to work with. Come daylight-saving time, itandamp;#8217;s already dark by 5:30, yielding the skate park unusable to anyone who works a 9-5 job. Iandamp;#8217;d love to see some lights installed in the park that are possibly set on a timer. There are a number of models of that are solar powered, and can be set on a timer. This ultimately would keep utility/maintenance fees low and us skaters happy!I would also love to see a small indoor skate ramp in one of our under-utilized rec centers. With the amount of action sports athletes that come through our town, I believe that something a long these lines would be highly utilized and beneficial. Think skate programs and skate camps. Although a bit more ambitious of a project, I believe the payoff is exponential.I do not support a new bond without skate park provisions, and I support Brent Ferrera, Kristine York and Rich Valentine, as I believe they will listen to the needs of all groups andamp;#8212; including mine! Nearly 650 Facebook followers are with me. Just see the Truckee Skatepark lights andamp; expansion petition page.Chris BartkowskiTruckee