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Letter to the Editor: 23 years later, seriously?

Nearly 23 years ago our family lost our mother, and many in our community lost their teacher and friend due to the negligence of a single individual. Recently I was subpoenaed to testify in a court proceeding on behalf of my mom, Julie Fenley, who was killed by an impaired driver the morning of Dec. 5, 1987. I had been gifted the opportunity to share with the court the tremendous impact one personand#8217;s irresponsible and illegal actions has had on my family.

My momand#8217;s tragic and untimely death was revisited as part of a larger adjudication process. This experience in testifying reopened that excruciating wound created by my momand#8217;s death. I submit this to the Sunand#8217;s editor as I wish to encourage everyone reading to be certain of your sobriety prior to operating a motor vehicle. Driving impaired is a choice. Donand#8217;t make a choice that you donand#8217;t want to live with. Donand#8217;t make a decision that brings consequences that you are going to have to schlep around behind you for years and years.

If you are under the misguided assumption that you are perfectly capable of driving safely while impaired, I invite you to contact me or one of my brothers. Weand#8217;d be happy to share with you the horrific and ongoing details of our life-changing loss in the hopes of updating your perspective.

If you believe you are above either the laws of physics or the laws as set forth in the California Vehicle Code, and you choose to drive impaired in eastern Placer County, I invite you to look into Placer County Deputy District Attorney Chris Cattranand#8217;s prosecution record. Cattran is a force to be reckoned with as he continues to make case law. As for my family, itand#8217;s almost 23 years later and weand#8217;re still having the same conversation.

Kathie Fenley

Tahoe City

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