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Letter to the Editor: and#8216;My Turnand#8217; column doesnand#8217;t tell the real story

I find John Nearyand#8217;s and#8220;My Turnand#8221; column in the April 2 edition to be mostly defensive propaganda. When given information on the high school, the taxpayers are always regaled with lists of AP and honors classes provided. According to Mr. Nearyand#8217;s numbers, these classes in fact only represent 19 percent of the student body. What about the average 60 percent to 75 percent of the student body?

Let me balance Mr. Nearyand#8217;s article with my childand#8217;s experience. Last semester my B-average Truckee High School student was enrolled in a core class taught by an incredibly unskilled teacher. She became so discouraged about the subject, I have no idea how I am going to convince her she needs to take three more years in that same subject. When I asked the teacher how I could help teach my child at home with this, the response was to and#8220;look it up on the Internet.and#8221;

With great relief we finished the semester, only to find she was now enrolled in a class for which no teacher had been hired. Thirty-two students sat in their classroom for three and a half weeks, watching movies that had nothing to do with their class subject, twice playing games to help remember their fellow studentsand#8217; names, and one day standing out in freezing weather until a hall monitor was found to babysit. Only one of their numerous substitutes was even qualified to teach the subject. Luckily, he was able to give the students some things to learn by rote before he left.

Whether or not my child were interested in attending the new Sierra charter school, I certainly find it hopeful to have another academic option for the area that would not be fiscally limiting to the average population.

Mindy Harrington