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Letter to the Editor: Are the feds exempt from ADA law?

I do not condone the means that Mr. Scott Johnson is using to enforce ADA as mention in a recent Sierra Sun article. Johnson is nothing more than a misguided soul for using his education and disability to further his cause to enhance his pocket book. At the same time I do not condone people using the Sunand#8217;s blogs to attack another.

With that said, I would like to remind all business owners that ADA is the law of the land. You have a legal and moral obligation to provide handicapped access to your business. I have friends who are so handicapped that they have to use a walker or a wheelchair. Making your business ADA compliant is the right thing to do even though it can be a very expensive proposition. Please borrow a wheelchair from the hospital or hospice and see if your business is accessible for the handicapped.

I did send a letter to the United Sates Postmaster General requesting that automatic door openers be installed at the two post offices in Truckee. I was told by the USPS that they are not required by ADA to provide auto door openers at any of their post offices. I then asked our Congressman, Mr. Tom McClintock, to intercede in behalf of my handicapped friends to install automatic door openers at the Truckee post offices. Nothing has happened. Why? I cared enough to speak out by sending letters and pictures. All I got for my trouble was lip service. Is it right that the United States government should be exempt from the law?

Denny Dickinson