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Letter to the Editor: Beavers no more than an invasive species

The picture in the Sierra Sun article titled and#8220;Beaver removal sparks resident outrage in Kings Beachand#8221; is a beaver (castor canadensis). There is a huge difference between the mountain beaver (aplodontia rufa) and the beaver. The mountain beaver is native to the Tahoe region; the beaver in a non-native introduced in the 30s to be trapped for their pelts. Pelts, I might add, to make wonderful hats for man and woman.

The non-native beaver is creating havoc on Alder Creek and Trout Creek in Truckee as I write. This creature is doing what it does best. Chopping down trees to build dams and creating wetlands. The beaver is also causing flooding during rain on snow events. Does Truckee need more flooding?

I have documented evidence that the beaver is not native to the area. In my opinion, and in the opinion of the consultants designing the Trout Creek Restoration project, believe that the beaver should be eradicated or controlled. Does Truckee need a beaver patrol?

I will change my stand and do everything possible to protect the beaver in the region when it is proven that the beaver is native. In the meantime, I consider the beaver to be nothing more that an invasive species that should be controlled.

I would like to hear more from others about this issue. The beaver will be part of the environmental review process when the Trout Creek Restoration project comes up for public hearings. I invite and encourage people to start talking about this issue now.

Denny Dickinson


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