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Letter to the Editor: Beavers should not be killed

What a terrible thing to do. The small children of our town walk past that dam everyday to see the beavers. I take my grandchildren down there. What a wonderful thing to have wildlife live among us. At least they can do something you canand#8217;t.

Is the lesson Iand#8217;m supposed to teach my grandsons that every time you see an animal you kill it? If you kill it, at least use it for food or clothing, but just to kill because it put a scratch on some Bay Area Lexus is downright Rambo thought. I live here to be with the wildlife and enjoy it all, even the stellar jays. That dam and beavers were a part of our community and you have no right to destroy anything here without our permission. And donand#8217;t think we wonand#8217;t remember this around election time. Gee is it here already! So get off your secretarial spread sheets and serve the people like your supposed to do. At least ask questions before you shoot your own foot.

Sherman Crivello

Kings Beach