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Letter to the Editor: Bikes should be allowed at Truckee Skate Park

I am a local BMX rider. I am 14 years old. At the Truckee Skate Park, bicycles are not allowed. Some people say itand#8217;s because pegs mess up the concrete, others say they will cause collisions.

When I ride my bike at a skate park I remove my pegs, have plastic pedals and I have bar ends. A collision could easily happen, and does happen with skateboards and scooters. Scooters can just as easily cause damage to the skate park.

My favorite sport is BMX, and Iand#8217;m not allowed to do it anywhere, The greenbelt areas are illegal to build jumps, and the skate park doesnand#8217;t allow bikes. My friends and I have had the police called on us for doing both.

Truckee is a town where many pro athletes have come from, such as Julia Mancuso and Errol Kerr. Truckee provides the opportunity for almost every sport. Boreal is building a Woodward Sports Camp, but if somebody wants to go ski or ride bikes at the facility they have to pay around 600 dollars for one week! No locals deals.

I am writing this letter to try and get bikes allowed at the Truckee Skate Park. If people are worried about pegs scraping up the concrete, make a no pegs rule. If TDRPD is worried about liability, make the park a and#8220;Bike and Skate Park.and#8221; This way TDRPD isnand#8217;t liable for any accidents that happen there. Iand#8217;m just trying to have fun doing my sport just like everybody else.

Sean Seehuetter


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