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Letter to the Editor: Canyon Springs project about money, not the people

I just found out that the Canyon Springs developers are yet once again trying to steam roll their and#8220;over-the -topand#8221; plan through the town.

We, in Olympic Heights, have difficulty exiting/entering our neighborhood to/from Glenshire Drive as it is, let alone having to deal with more traffic from yet another needless development.

When Highway 80 is closed due to a snowstorm or accident, it is hideous to try to drive from our subdivision as everyone exits Hirschdale onto Glenshire Drive toward Donner Pass Road. Please note the town approved Old Greenwood allowing an emergency exit to our subdivision … what are we the dumping ground for these ritzy developments? Or just the and#8220;smalland#8221; people who donand#8217;t matter?

The town had better scrutinize these thoughtless plans, ensuring the appropriate road infrastructure and corresponding costs. Having lived in Truckee since 1965, I recall when the Glenshire subdivision was being built out and there were legitimate concerns then about only two exits to the subdivision. It was unsafe then, as now, and will only get significantly worse with the proposed density of the Canyon Springs development.

What are the developers thinking, let alone the city planners? Oh yeah, make their multi-millions on our backs and leave us with the adverse consequences. No thanks!

Mike Starrett