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Letter to the Editor: Concerns with rec and park misinformation

I would like to counter some of the misinformation in Gaylan Larsonandamp;#8217;s letter Wednesday, regarding the current Truckee-Donner Recreation andamp; Park District Board.Larson criticized the board for being andamp;#8220;narrowly focused on sports facilities.andamp;#8221; A review of the boardandamp;#8217;s minutes and its recent accomplishments shows his accusations are untrue. What is true is the current board has diligently worked for and partnered with the arts community to create a new Performing Arts Center. The recent, well-attended art show and the addition of middle school and high school choral programs are but two examples of the boardandamp;#8217;s continuing willingness to further the arts in our area.Larson states the proposed Aquatics Center is projected to andamp;#8220;lose $180,000 per year.andamp;#8221; The truth is the current pool costs about $180,000 per year to maintain. It is estimated the proposed center andamp;#8212; which will be larger and warmer and thus accessible to more people, including seniors andamp;#8212; will cost about the same amount to maintain.Larson asks, andamp;#8220;What current programs will have to be cut to fund the aquatics center?andamp;#8221; The answer is andamp;#8220;None.andamp;#8221; The pool maintenance costs, whether for the current or proposed pool, are already anticipated and included in the Rec andamp; Park budget, and the cost of construction for a new facility, if any, may be addressed in a bond issue and will have no effect on current programs.Finally, Larson asserts the as yet to be established aquatics center bond will include monies for trails and performing arts because there was low interest in the aquatics center. Again, he is wrong. In fact, in several surveys over recent years, support for aquatics has equaled or exceeded those of performing arts. As with most studies, the results depend on who interprets the findings and for what purpose. Moreover, Larsonandamp;#8217;s claim is premature. The bond measure, if any, is still in the planning/discussion stage.Jim Smith, husband of TDRPD candidate Cindy SmithTruckee