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Letter to the Editor: Crazed hunters will not be blasting away

I am responding to Grace Dolan letter of 5/23/11 regarding bear hunting in Nevada. We all agree that the entire community must do its part to keep bears away from human food sources. Nonetheless, I find that her comments reflect a widely held view that, andamp;#8220;Hearing about bear hunting in Nevada upsets me greatly.andamp;#8221;This does not represent a scientific approach to the issue, but rather the gut reaction of the anti-gun, anti-hunting population.I have observed the increases in the protected bear populations over the last 50 years that I have spent visiting, camping and hiking in the Sierra. I have also seen the awful effects that no-hunt policies have had on the deer populations of Sonoma and Marin Counties in California. Deer there are sickly, malnourished and harbor the fleas and ticks that give this area the worst Lyme disease rates in the U.S.Finally, the fears of crazed gun owners blasting away on the streets and pathways of Incline Village are just that andamp;#8212; unfounded fears. Nevada statute clearly states that the discharge of firearms in or NEAR urban areas and highways is prohibited.Mike AbelIncline Village