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Letter to the Editor: Critiquing Ted Gainesand#8217; recent My Turn

Responding to Ted Gainesand#8217; and#8220;Letand#8217;s Celebrate Freedom from Higher Taxes.and#8221; Indeed. Letand#8217;s celebrate:

and#8226; Unemployed teachers and larger class sizes for K-12 students. We love kids.

and#8226; More tuition increases at CSU and UC. Let them eat … Top Ramen.

and#8226; Fewer classes and higher fees at community colleges. A 10-year degree plan for all.

and#8226; More deferred maintenance. Further delays to seismic retrofits to schools and state highways. The and#8216;big oneand#8217; will wait.

and#8226; The closure of 70 state parks. Employment opportunity! Cooking meth or managing a cartel grow farm at a state park near you.

and#8226; More MediCal cuts and#8212; more uninsured children. More seniors in nursing homes due to adult day care closures. Bonus and#8212; loss of federal matching funds.

and#8226; Longer waits in the ER as the uninsured use the ER for primary care. Catch up on your reading.

and#8226; Reduced law enforcement for property and and#8220;victimlessand#8221; crimes. Coming to a sidewalk near you.

It is unfortunate that the majority of Californiansand#8217; wishes are held hostage to a minority who are opposed to any revenue increases, even those which pay for needed services. Letand#8217;s not forget that this minority denied the citizens of CA the opportunity to vote to raise any revenue. What are they afraid of?

Melilah Schuch


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