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Letter to the Editor: Desmond Elder deserves your vote for airport board

I am a local business owner who has never before publicly endorsed a candidate for office because I prefer to have my political views remain private. Desmond Elder is an exceptional candidate for the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board, and for him, I am making an exception.

I have come to know Desmond very well over the past year. We have done business together and I have met him and his lovely wife, Alison, at various social events. He is a pilot trainee and a man of great integrity and business savvy, and who has demonstrated a proven commitment to his family and the Truckee Tahoe community for many years. Desmond has fought for our community and not against it.

I am motivated to write this endorsement because Desmond will fight to balance the benefits that come from an improved airport, such as: growth, convenience, recreation and jobs; with the need to protect the environment, to preserve our small town mountain culture, and to be sensitive to the effect that growth can have on local residents. Desmond is committed to fiscal responsibility and will work with people who have differing views, but he is a man of conviction who will not compromise when it comes to his fundamental positions.

In my opinion, there cannot be a more well-qualified candidate for the Truckee-Tahoe Airport Board than Desmond Elder, and I encourage you to visit http://www.elder4airportboard.com so that you can make an informed decision on November 2nd.

Rich Molsby