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Letter to the Editor: Do Tahoe residents want the Olympics?

I appreciated reading about Bode Millerand#8217;s objections to the Tahoe areaand#8217;s hosting of the Winter Olympic Games. Itand#8217;s too bad we canand#8217;t just take a vote on it to make sure at least the majority of us are on the same page and want to be hosts, instead of letting a minority of developers, politically connected private contractors and monopolistic promoters and television networks decide for us.

If you think that the taxpayer funded private contracting machine is milking this region for all itand#8217;s worth now, you havenand#8217;t seen anything yet. Just wait until itand#8217;s armed with hundreds of millions in taxpayer cash and all of the powers of eminent domain.

This whole region will be one big mess and disruption for a decade just to host a two-week period of games which we have no better chance of securing tickets for than anyone else in the world. Any and#8220;excessand#8221; of rooms and housing will immediately be disassembled afterward, so as not to have and#8220;too muchand#8221; affordable housing and lodging, and any improvements in mass transportation and#8212; both into, out of, and around the area and#8212; will be removed afterward as well to return it to its current token state.

All of that done, millions more in taxpayer cash will need to be shunted, at great societal opportunity cost, to support a further bloated road construction/construction industry that suddenly has a lot less to do. Just like now.

But Iand#8217;m sure it will all we green, right?

Mark Adams

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