Letter to the Editor: Don’t jeopardize Tahoe’s paradise

Paradise. A word spoken by visitor and local viewing Tahoe’s beauty. We should adapt to maintain this essence of Tahoe, where wild and domestic mingles. We should plan wisely for the future with balance between development and the quintessence of Tahoe.

We have allowed removal of larger diameter healthy trees and encroachment on natural filtering properties of the soil. BMPs will work only if maintained and economics play a part in their preservation. We should allow limited development/redevelopment of older neighborhoods and homes.

Not, however by “give and take,” such as increasing standard coverage using existing coverage or by decreasing building setbacks. Towns throughout the states, which do not have the fundamental nature of Tahoe, demand a smaller percentage of coverage to lot size. Proposed development in Tahoe specify parking and occupancy numbers, but ideas created in academia do not always work in reality.

A simple look reveals over-limit parking and over-occupancy for existing structures. Development renderings show low visual and physical impact with pleasing facades and majestic foliage.

Instead of a relatively small expenditure for fairly larger trees, it appears profit margins or favors on projects produce one small pathetic white pine and a few scrawny aspens.

Shouldn’t the tangible at least resemble approved designs? Too often construction drawbacks override approvals.

We should allow limited use of mechanical equipment to remove forest slash, instead of primarily utilizing prescribed burns which produce potentially hazardous airborne particulates.

Forest thinning regulations obstruct use of equipment on the ground, yet personal vehicles are allowed to park along highway shoulders, in drainage swales, on embankments, within intersections, or other creative/illegal ways creating more soil impact and dangerous conditions. Shall we strain at a gnat but swallow a camel?

We should give much and take little, or Tahoe will be paradise, lost.

John Cella

Incline Village

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