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Letter to the Editor: Don’t let someone make decisions for you

When Andy Rooney announced his retirement, I was really bummed. I really liked that old guy. He always seemed to bring issues to our attention that we should be thinking about. When Andy died I started wondering who was going to act as a conscience for those of us who need reminders that we need to consider our obligations as citizens. I still don’t have that question answered.

However, this past week I was canvassing our neighborhoods in Truckee, circulating a non-partisan petition for a local candidate running for public office. Wow! What an education. I learned that a great number of people are not registered to vote, wouldn’t sign anything if their life depended on it and are just plain fed up, as I am, with our political system and those elected yahoos who run the show at the local level, state level and national level and don’t want any part of it.

I don’t blame these folks at all. They feel helpless and believe they can’t make a different and their vote doesn’t mean much. Well I believe one person can make a difference and one vote does count. It is one vote here and one vote there; you get the idea. I have been labeled as an “activist.” In some social circles that title is thought to be negative. I am proud of that label. Not every idea that comes down the pike from our “elected elite” is best for us. Many ideas are just best for those who dreamed them up. I feel responsible to shine the light of day on some of those ideas and then let the voters decide.

Wait! In order for the voters to decide, one first has to register to vote. It costs nothing to vote but the costs can be great if you don’t vote. So I say, stand up and be counted, let your voice be heard. If you feel strongly about something stand on a street corner and hold up a sign. Don’t let someone else make decisions for you. See you on the corner and at the polls.

Lynne R. Larson


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