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Letter to the Editor: Downtown’s dead – who killed Truckee?

I have to agree with the many contributors who lament the loss of what could be a vibrant and vital part to the Tahoe Basin: Downtown Truckee.

I won’t go on about the problems or who is to blame, but for my part, the loss of the Tour De Nez Twilight Criterium speaks volumes of the mindset of those that make the decisions and how they could care less whether or not downtown thrives or even survives.

I’ve volunteered my time for the past four years with the TDN races, not because I’m an active cyclist or a fan of bicycle racing, but because it was fun and a good way of helping out in the community.

I had the distinction of being a course marshall at the Church Street hairpin turn the last three years the criterium was held, and I sincerely missed not having the event this summer! The party-house with the live band added a fun and exciting element and the number of spectators had been impressive.

I’ve learned that Truckee wanted $30,000 from the Tour folks to stage the race, and to me, this seems exorbitant. I only can speak for myself of course, but the years that I worked the races, my wife and I spent an average of $300 before and after the races at the local shops and restaurants; money that wouldn’t have been spent had the race not been there. Not anymore!!

My point is that nothing seems to be being done to encourage activity, only the opposite.

To me, Truckee has become “Little-Sacramento”: a place I don’t like but have to drive through to get where I’m going, and no one seems to care.

Bruce Kashiwahara

Kings Beach