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Letter to the Editor: Frustrated with paid parking

Lindsay LessmanSpecial to the Sun

Below is a parking appeal written to the Town of Truckee. My appeal was denied, so I am moving my dollars online.andamp;#8220;I am writing to you as a local who loves to support the downtown economy. Many of the things I buy, I could purchase online, but I choose to support the merchants. On this day I went into the Cooking Gallery to purchase rice pasta for dinner (something I can purchase in bulk online) andamp; received a $68.00 fine. I understand there are protocols in place for parking, however the Town of Truckee is strongly discouraging many locals from wanting to even set foot in downtown stores. I know that I can drop a few coins in the meters, but to be quite frank this is such a hassle when I am running into a store for a mere 5 mins. I know the Town is generating lots of money through this andamp;#8220;parking systemandamp;#8221;, but fining locals who wish to shop downtown is ludicrous. I know many locals who feel the same way. I think that there should be a 1andamp;#8260;2 grace period for locals wishing to just pop into a store andamp; leave, like in many towns. A majority of my andamp;#8220;continuous violationsandamp;#8221; are for just stopping in, making a valuable purchase from a local merchant and leaving. In addition my personal complaint of the current parking, I would like to point out that The TD Chamber of Commerce is supporting a new campaign called the 3/50 project, to get locals to spend $50 at three stores. This is something I currently already do, but with paid parking and no place for locals to park while they shop andamp;#8212; I will strongly be considering moving my dollars online andamp;#8212; which I would rather not!andamp;#8221;Lindsay LessmanTruckee